Roll Call: Massachusetts

Greg McKay at Harmon

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Joe and Leigh’s

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BUMP - might be the busiest man on the South Shore but dude is dialed


Probably been asked before, but what are the closest grass ranges to Boston? Have just stumbled into some unstaffed time, and would like to get some practice swings in on a natural surface if reasonable

Pembroke CC has grass-ish on the south shore.

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Dennis Highlands

Edit: Nowhere near Boston, but the closest one I know of.

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Closest one I know of going west is Southborough Golf Learning Center (

Got into the TGJ event at Wannamoisett in September, but didn’t realize it’s $750 a player. That’s wild stuff.

It’s steep, but at least you can play 36. Have played two TGJ events and the food/beer/swag is generally pretty good.

I might consider it, but my wife’s uncle is a member there and I’ve gotten to play a bunch of times, so it’s not quite as enticing. It’s s sick course, though.

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Oh yeah in that case it’s probably not worth it.

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What’s going on in Boston Monday? Will be visiting and was hoping to play George Wright but checked this morning for times and there were none until like 4pm. Thought maybe they had an event but checked like 5 other courses and same deal nothing until the late afternoon. Do a lot of people have Juneteenth off? That’s about all I could think of. Anyways was just curious

No public employees working on Juneteenth for sure, so I imagine those GW tee times got gobbled up quick. A lot of courses who haven’t caught on with the holiday (like mine) have general Monday charity outings booked too.

Makes sense. Guess I’ll have to see if I can squeeze something in Tuesday.

question on Bayberry in Yarmouth…if I am playing the 18 hole layout, is it worth tacking on the additional 9 holes of the Links course?

Stock market closed too - that puts most of the big finance bros on the course monday.

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Anyone doing the TGJ solstice thing at Marion on Wednesday? I’m planning to as long as the weather holds up.

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I’ll be there bright and early

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I’m coming down from Maine for a wedge fitting at Titleist in July and I was thinking about trying to do a short game lesson while I’m down.

I have a guy I like that I work online with for full swing, but I’d like see someone in person to do some short game and putting work (mostly putting work, really). Does anyone have a short game and putting guru in the area that they like?

I’m more keen on the Stan Utley (throw the club head and use the bounce) end of the spectrum, for reference; I prefer teachers that don’t buy into all the “take the hands out” and “just rotate” hype.

Thanks ahead of time for any and all advice.

I got married in Ipswitch - played Cape Ann that morning and it was so fun. Also absurdly good clams.

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