Roll Call: Massachusetts

I remember speaking with one of the owners last year who said he bought it basically as a passion project and doesn’t expect to make money really so I’m hopeful it can keep the same essence. I am worried it will no longer be a place for a fun casual 9 to take someone who never played golf before or a golf sicko where both parties can have the same amount of fun.

I think by definition 9 hole courses will always remain a good spot for golf sickos and beginners. The weekend cart and beer player doesn’t want 9 holes

Heading to play bay pointe in onset this morning… haven’t played there in two years

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The island green 7th hole is awesome.

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Hi All,

Wanted to briefly introduce myself as a new member of the Refuge and wanted to #getinvolved.

Looking forward to meeting new people and being an active participant in this space.


@TheMassHacker can get you set up with the Boston Roost, and I’ll add you to the Refuge group. There is an event at Sandy Burr on August 14th if you are interested

Where are you located? I am in the North Shore area. Peabody.

Right outside of Worcester, by Wachusett CC.

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Definitely reach out and join the Roost! Lets tee it up sometime.

Bumping this now, as I will be traveling the next few days and no idea how much Refuge checking I will have time to do.

A Second Skirmish at Sandy Burr - 8/14 - #11 by TheMassHacker

If you are on the fence you have until the 7th to make up your mind, as I will be giving back any unfilled tee times on Monday. Currently have 7 spots left. Along those same lines, if you have signed up please pay or otherwise confirm your intention to play by the 7th. Please update your handicaps by the 9th so I have time to calculate your quota and if you have any preferences for late/early tee times or pairings please get those to me ASAP.

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For the western MA folks, the NYRACDG is hosting an event on the 13th as well! I’m checking my schedule to try and hit both events, much to the chagrin of my wife XD


Is Newton Commonwealth worth checking out? Also, my weekend is wide open if anyone needs to fill out a tee time

I feel like most people hate this course but I kind of like it. One of those courses where you want to wear a hard hat but I think it is fun. Can definitely make a bunch of birdies. It is very short with some good holes, especially on the front.

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There are so many better options in the area. However, the answer, as always, is play it at least once to form your own opinion. At this point you are probably going in with low expectations and may have a really good time.

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Had the pleasure of playing pine hills Jones course in plymouth last week. Greens were in great shape but the fairways were overwatered (presumably cause they’re scared to lose them due to the current drought) and provided zero roll. Do not believe it is worth the coin ($140) but fortunately a salesman took us out. The point of the post is to ask about the rest of the golf courses (or the nicklaus if not too penalizing) in plymouth as when driving down there i noticed a ton? Worth a small weekend trip?

Funny enough, I played Waverly Oaks for the first time in a couple years last week. I thought it was slightly overpriced at $120 w/ a cart, but the course was in good shape and the pace of play was fine.

Pine Hills might be a little overpriced as well but the pace of play is always good, both courses are in good shape, and the facilities are top notch for a public course.

Crosswinds I believe still hovers around $80 for a round and while the facilities are lacking compared to Pine Hills and Waverly, I have always enjoyed any round there. It’s 27 holes and the 9s all kind of blend in together for me, but they are all equally challenging if I remember correctly.

Honestly that stretch of golf courses all being within 5 minutes of one another is pretty unique in MA and I think it would definitely be worth a weekend trip.


Add in Atlantic and Southers Marsh and you have a very solid weekend in Plymouth.


Totally agree with all of the Plymouth thoughts. I live in Plymouth and play 1-2 times a week at these courses and rarely stray outside of here because there’s not really any need. Aside from Pinehills, the prices are pretty solid for what you get, especially with Crosswinds and Atlantic and Southers. Love Pinehills, but at $140 on a weekend, it’s a tough sell.

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I’ve mentioned this before, but go into google maps satellite version and zoom out over the area. It’s essentially one giant course as all of the holes are on the same land, including Old Sandwich. All of the courses are worth playing and with the Plymouth harbor area there are some fun spots to grab a post round dinner and drinks

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It’s kinda crazy how much good golf is there. Right at that exit off the highway there’s 36 at Pinehills, Waverly, 27 at Crosswinds, and for the private crowd Old Sandwich is right there too.

Look for when the price drops at Pinehills at 2. I think that’s the best value