Roll Call: Massachusetts

Love hearing about these good vibes in the Garden. I’ll be there tomorrow w/ my Dad. Hope to see some other folks there.

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I was there yesterday in the Garden, had an awesome day at the tournament but was really disappointed in what I got for my extremely low end upgrade. I couldn’t get close to the 1st hole overlook when I arrived (spent some time out on the course first, but was still there 3 hours before the leaders would tee off), all of the good beer was sold out, the nachos sold out, and the other food was no different than what was on the course. The restrooms were about the only really plus.

Had you had those upgrades we wouldnt have seen each other so many times!

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See the kind of riff-raff I was forced to mingle with? Ahoy, polloi.

What an awesome event, sure hope they can make it happen again in my lifetime.

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The early sell out of good beer was highly disappointing.

Bumping this here

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Anyone in the Boston area trying to get out on Wednesday next week?

Trying to branch out on weekends, from the Allston Cambridge area. I’ve already played: Fresh Pond, Granite Links, Sandy Burr, Butter Brook.

George Wright is on my list, but it’s tough to get on there on the weekends. Anybody have some diamonds in the rough within an hour of the city?

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Four Oaks, Trull Brook, Billerica CC, Stow Acres, and Butternut Farm GC are all decent tracks within about an hour of the city.

Wouldnt call them diamonds, but Pinehills, Waverly, Butter Brook are some of my favorites. Can be expensive weekend mornings so I often go in the afternoon

Franklin Park and South Shore CC. Waverly in Plymouth as well.

I’d add Crosswinds to the other Plymouth choices and if you’re OK with a slightly longer drive, than Cape Cod Country Club in Falmouth is a great spot and may be NLE as soon as next year so play it this year

Butternut is still the best value within an hour of the city IMO.

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Anyone interested in joining me at Butter Brook on July 4 at 6:40am! 2 spots available.

Is there a WhatsApp for the roost?

DW Field in Brockton

Presidents in Quincy is a good twilight value, although can be an arduous walk. Mt. Hood in Melrose can be a fun time, and if you really feeling like ballin on a budget, the state run tracks Leo Martin in Weston and Ponkapoag down in Canton both have great designs but are wholly dependent on how the weather has been recently.
Braintree Muni is fun but can be punishing to those with the two way miss.

Hey all - I have two spots open 7:10am on Tuesday 7/5 at Falmouth CC. Let me know if anyone is interested in joining!

You mean Butter Brook?

You mean Butter Brook?

I agree that Butter Brook is the better of the two. I describe them this way: Butter Brook is the MLB course while Butternut Farm is the Triple-A course.