Roll Call: Maryland. Match Play Sign Ups Post 1467

Following I the footsteps of a few other areas looking to connect with fellow Marylanders. Currently play off a 16.2 and dropping. I’m in Severna Park and looking not only for those in the greater Baltimore area but all over. Look forward to connecting and hopefully get some games and lively discussion going.


I’m in Carroll county.

Play to about a 8.

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Contact info on the website.

We have a local club and lots of local golfers. Official USGA golf club. Also, lots of people always looking to fill out foursomes. Guys play a lot in afternoons and weekends from north of Baltimore to South of DC out to Fredrick and beyond.

First tournament of the year is going to be March 17th. Stableford at Pine Ridge.

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Fellow member of The Hive here, from central MD. Cap fluctuates in the low singles. I play mostly weekday afternoon rounds, but get in the occasional weekend round for a club event.

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AnneArundel county here. Mostly get out on Fridays and early weekend mornings. I play to a 9.

10 HCP, playing out of Ocean City Golf Club down in South Point/Berlin. Just moved to Baltimore, but in Ocean City almost every weekend April - October.

Let me know if you’re ever at the beach and we’ll get some games going.

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Frederick County here.
10 hdcp
Usually play once a weekend (afternoons usually in season). Not a member anywhere, I prefer to move around but eyeing up a partial membership at Musket Ridge this year.
Looking for a solid 4th.

Anyone in MD interested in playing with Patrick Koenig with The RGV tour? I contacted him and as he gets closer to Maryland we are going to firm up a course and date. I am located in Lutherville. Some places have put together small tournaments and games. I didn’t know if anyone would be interested. His website is below.

When will he be swinging through?

His schedule has Maryland in June. If he does a state a week then Maryland would be next week. He doesn’t do a lot of per-planning so odds are this will be short notice.

Hey guys - there are a few Raynor/MacDonald tracks here that I’d love to take a run at this summer if anyone has the hookups. Anyone able to get on at Elkridge Club or Gibson Island Club? Let me know - really anxious to check them out.

I would be interested in driving down from York County, PA although I just saw the tour has already made some stops in Maryland…
When I contacted Patrick a while back he said PA was packed with requests so not sure if he would make it to the center part of the state.
Curious to hear if you connected with him.

I sent him an e-mail on his website and he got back to me same day. I haven’t had anything recently so possibly he had some things lined up and needs to keep the tour moving. He didn’t get into detail with his schedule so I am not sure where is PA stops will be.

Easton, MD here. 7 handicap, Play mostly Queenstown Harbor and Talbot Country Club. Interested in seeing some interesting courses on the shore that I’ve yet to play.

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Towson, MD here. Currently a 3 handicap (which doesn’t travel well). I currently play at Hunt Valley, but I’m trying to get my wife to join CC of Maryland later this year (close to my house).

Since moving here for work in 2017, I’ve played a few other courses in the area. Baltimore CC is exceptional and I always enjoy playing there. I’m hoping to check out Elkridge and some of the courses near DC at some point.

I’ve also had a few opportunities to play golf up in Philadelphia and NYC since moving to Maryland. I’m always interested in playing new courses and meeting fellow golf enthusiasts.

Live in Washington, DC, but play out of Eagles Nest Country Club in Towson, MD. 0 handicap. Also play a lot at University of Maryland in College Park, which is a great public track.


Figured I’d bump this since I’m hanging around more. Live in Baltimore, member at Eagle’s Nest CC if anyone is here or passing through and wants to tee it up with the world’s most shameless Gary Player impressionist.


Would definitely like to tee it up sometime, especially if Gary Player makes an appearance or two. I’m in Severna Park so the greater Baltimore area is home.

Also there’s a spot or two open in the RACDG Mid-Atlantic chapter outing this Saturday at the UMD course if interested.

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My wife’s grandfather was a very early member (possibly founding member?) at Eagle’s Nest. Unfortunately his playing days were behind him by the time my wife and I got together, so I’ve never played there. But I’ve eaten a number of very good meals in the clubhouse.

I’m about an hour and a half from Baltimore and would love to tee it up sometime.

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So when can we tee it up @KVV?