Roll Call: KC Area – Still Shitting on Great Life while pre-planning 2021 event (#2454)

that sounds like a direct route to a humiliating round of golf.

I played there once from the tips in high school, and that par 5 with the enormous elevation drop had some wind on it…we were sending balls to oklahoma on it good god

Usually they get around 100 guys and there will be 1-3 guys that break 80. As you can imagine, the event is fairly self selecting toward good golfers so that shows you how hard it is. I have stories for days on the absurdities I’ve seen at that tournament.

Last year I shot 93 and finished 12th to get in the money (they pay out top 15). Yowza.

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There aren’t very many courses I would want to play from the back tees, and Colbert Hills is one of those courses where I wouldn’t want to.

It’s not, but in the context of KC public golf it is. On the level, it’s a good to very good golf course with average conditioning.

You’re welcome for the January entertainment.

Is this the year my work/life schedule isn’t a complete clusterfuck and I actually get to play some more events?

Mid-Am Team…strong possibility especially having it in KC. However the PD stroke play is the weekend right before, and as I’ll be at BHCC, the KFT event being this week might be an issue too.

Railer…not likely since I’m not in Hutch anymore. Despite my success at Am Qual at Sand Creek, I was always hesitant to sign up for 3 days of stroke play in June here.

The Am? Colbert might not be my favorite place, but I’ll still try.

High Plains…this is another one I’m sad I never played when I was in Hutch. such is life.

Mid-Am. almost definitely.

With all that said, between BHCC, PDCC, KGA/KCGA, USGA events, and my son now getting into jr golf, my calendar is bonkers full and things tend to change as events get closer. I’ve never been able to play near as much as I want to.

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Heard swope competes with our local muni keller. @tj_denawli once said they are close to being equals as far as munis go…still not sure about that. Anyways…

I think you all should come up and compare. Should be a great event, details below

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Keller is Swope with better maintenance/conditioning.


Thanks for the assist @tj_denawli


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Very little work done this afternoon.


Just landed at MCI, LFG!


Did you bring your clubs???

No clubs this time, gotta focus on doing my part to bring home a title. Next time.


Uber-wealthy member bought out the 20-some owners for a pretty penny.

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T-minus 3 hours. Has today felt like the longest day ever to anyone else?

We took the kids out earlier and got in 3 holes. Perfect way to kill some time before kickoff. This has to be the nicest Feb. 2nd ever. Today has the potential to be the :goat:


What a gorgeous day. We have been preparing to host a watch party, so our day has gone by quickly. Got the yard games out and everything.

Snagged this photo last night from the memorial:

Let’s go chiefs!


Also, holy effing crap you guys. I think I’m going to be sick on wednesday.




Close to highest anxiety. I still think that because it’s early (5:30!) by comparison To a KU final four game that that’s more agonizing to wait on those games…