Roll Call: Eastern PA/ South NJ

Currently play off a 5 as of the end of the season

Member at Copper Hill CC. Always enjoy TCC. Not sure if Neshanic Valley CC qualifies as “south jersey” (friends from around Freehold, NJ tell me Hunterdon/Somerset “north jersey” while friends from Bergen consider it “south jersey”). Either way, I think Neshanic is the best public course in the state. Heron Glenn is great, too.

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Currently an 8 and rising (2 kids under 3 will do that to you). Living in Cherry Hill, near Woodcrest, I primarily play in South Jersey with a decent amount of Shore golf mixed in as well. most recent round was at AC CC and Scotland Run.

I don’t live in NJ, but play a lot of the SJ and Jersey Shore courses over the summers as a have a good group of college friends down there.

I like AC CC, Seaview, and Twisted Dunes for the Shore Courses. I’ve enjoyed Scotland Run, Running Deer, and River Winds too.

This coming season I’m hoping to play some more courses in PA. So far I’ve only played Broad Run Golfers Club.

I’m from around philly and I think the best public course around is Glenn Mills golf course. Besides that Applebrook golf club is probably my favorite private course. Bunch of Aronimink members made it back in 2000

Main Line Philadelphia suburbs here. Glen Mills is easily the best public course in the area. A sleeper is Donald Ross’s Jeffersonville GC near Norristown. Great shape, with the exception of some bunkers.

Bump: I live in Lancaster and will be headed down on Sunday. Should be a good one! Would be happy to grab a beer with any Refuge-es.

Audubon/Haddon Twp area here.

TCC is a very nice layout. Played GAP match there last year and loved the topography… Wasn’t in terrific condition, but some interesting holes.

Tavistock is a blast. They took down a bunch of trees a couple years ago.

Jaworski courses are a waste and deserve a bulldozer.

Scotland Run has some of the most unique holes.

I’m at MCC and it’s a fun 9 hole that requires accuracy. I’d definitely be down for a South Jersey outing.

Conditioning is on another level now, especially with bunker reno. Superintendent has done an exceptional job.

What’s up boys,

Woodcrest member here. Guess we’ll wait till spring to get out? (I play through the winter).

I live in Jersey City, but spend a lot of time down the shore… member at Hidden Creek in Egg Harbor. Would be interested in a Refugee outing in the spring if we get it set up.

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Burlington NJ here. Member at Burlington CC (also play through winter IF it’s going to be over 40 and not crazy windy lol). Would def. be down for a refugee outing/meetup.

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Philadelphia here; also play through the winter.

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Pitman, NJ here. Been a member of Running Deer in Pittsgrove since '14. The only Jaworski course I wouldn’t blow up and start over. There’s a few too many bunkers, most of which aren’t in play, and a few that are in play but in the wrong place. Other than that, the course is a lot of fun. It’s mainly defined by the very large and interesting greens that are usually well maintained. There is an active member community (the club is semiprivate - whatever that means) so there are lots of regular games, plus members only events that the club puts on throughout the year.

For any of you guys that take 55 down to the shore, you might consider playing on the way (or the way home) some weekend. Hit me up if you have questions, or if you want to try to work out a time to play together.

I like Running Deer. I had a buddy who used to belong there and I’ve played it a few times. I would agree that it’s the best course Jaws has. I’ll be back down this Spring for a wedding down there.

Anyone play in the GAP matches?

BTW sorry for my earlier line re: Jaws courses and need for bulldozers… I paint with a broad brush and should not have included Running Dear as I’ve heard it’s very enjoyable. I’m just scarred from too many 6 hour rounds when I first moved into the area.

Love playing in the GAP matches

It’s obvious that everyone is trying their best and that the competition means something. Speaking for myself, I know my basketball days are over, so these matches are some of the few chances I’ll have every year to really feel that.

No hard feelings. One of the things I like most about RD is that it flies a little under the radar.

As far as the rest of those courses, I would say just plow them under and turn them into parks, but I like that they keep the hackers away from the better courses, so we don’t have to put up with the crowds, and slow play, and all the other nonsense that goes on there.

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hidden creek is a slice of paradise