Roll Call: Colorado -- @PJM v Colorado Golfers, @PJM only half guilty

Your description of Redlands applies to Lakota, too - just the front nine has no houses but it’s 8 elevated tee shots to half pipe fairways and bowled greens :wink:

Lakota is a dramatically better design and cheaper


Gonna be heading west to visit my hitter @ryanw849 in a few weeks for the IP Day long weekend.

Anyone have recs for courses or want to get in on a game in/around Summit County?

if @ryanw849 doesn’t take you to Breckenridge & Keystone Ranch for a 36 day, he will be getting a stern talking to


It’s on the books

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Dry Heat GC extends a warm welcome to our brothers and sisters to the north: please come down to Albuquerque for some golf and camaraderie the first weekend in November! Would appreciate posting this to the appropriate channels/Discord @Privatecollection, thanks!


Thank you Dad

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Hey Coloradans, heading your way today. I’ll be in the Springs from today to Wednesday morning. Probably won’t be able to get a round in, but would love to grab a beer if anyone is free.

Found myself unexpectedly in Denver today and tomorrow. Staying downtown for work - any lunch spot recommendations and/or a coffee shop to work from?

A sneaky good lunch spot is Tavernetta near union station. One of the tougher dinner reservations to get, they do a 2-course lunch deal that doesnt break the bank and has easy walk in seating.


Second Tavernetta for lunch. Also recommend The Wild, Kaffe Landskap, and Mercantile Dining & Provision.


so I’m headed out to CO (Evergreen specifically) for family thanksgiving and I think we’ll be out there early/long enough to sneak a round in with my BIL and sister.
We played fossil trace a bunch of years ago and I assume we’ll end up booking there, but before I do, any other recommendations around evergreen/golden area that are great? Extra points if they’ve got reasonable rentals…I’m on the fence about just renting two sets vs dragging our clubs out there for an round

Homestead would be high on the list. Not sure on the rental situation.

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Homestead, Fox Hollow are good options. Walnut Creek is great, but probably an hour from evergreen. Avoid the meadows.

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ah awesome ok! both homestead and fox look SUPER nice, and both I think have rentals at like 25 bucks per which seems nice. I’ll throw those two out and see what BIL/Sister think

This may already be posted elsewhere (I did not look) but link above to early access tickets for BMW Championship at Castle Pines - August 22-25, 2024

No ticketbastard fees yet

Hey Colorado friends. John here from Northern California. When some of you were out here you met one of ours from the Sierra foothills. Dylan is his name.

Reciprocally he came your way and connected with a few of you as well.

Sorry to bother. But long story short would truly appreciate u considering helping him out. Tough situation around the holiday.

Not tagging him as he’s not asking. I am. Anything helps. Truly appreciate you. Animal best friends are everything. Especially around the holidays…

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Hey all, I moved to Denver this past February and I’m looking to get involved. Leagues, events, growing my golf network, etc. If this isn’t the best place to get started let me know!


Welcome. The local Roost is The Rocket Mtn Rohlers

@jskovgaard is our King.

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Saddleback boldly opening tomorrow.