Roll Call: College Students

At Michigan we’re doing the hybrid thing, basically they told us we would have some classes in person but everyone’s classes are online. And I’m with you, I’ll definitely be taking the time to put in some work on the golf course rather than putting in the work on, you know, my schoolwork.

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What type of access to you have to the course there at U of M? Has to be really nice to have such a historic track right there. I’ll be playing the same courses the NLU boys tore up in their collegiate days which is always fun.

Saint Louis University is doing the same hybrid model. Some online some in person but I have a hard time believing it will stay like that. Especially with my major being something that can be done with online classes I have a feeling it will move to online fully. As if I needed more of a reason to work on golf rather than school

We’re really lucky to have some great deals at our golf course. Students can buy a year-round pass that covers greens fees for $290 (!!). I have to imagine this is the best deal in the entire country. I’m on the club golf team, and we get an even better deal. Our dues are like $190 and that covers all of our golf and gear and travel and everything.


Figured I would get this feed active again since the college season is coming up. Did everyone see the NCCGA is allowing varsity players to compete in events this fall since there is no season for many varsity players? Here is the schedule from the announcement - - Anyone playing in tournies this fall?

They made that same change to NCAA rules as well regarding amateur events during the intended season. It changed in D3 but I’m not sure about the other divisions.

Not sure if I’m going to enter into tournaments this fall however, I’d rather spend my money (very limited funds) playing a sweet course on a nice fall weekend lol.

That’s really cool that the NCCGA is doing that for you guys.

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