Roll Call “Chicago” (Part 1)

FYI …for anyone in the south or southwest adjacent suburbs, Woodruff is open this weekend and it’s 15 bucks for all you can walk.

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Lol @RunItOut you want to make a road trip?



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Are any in need of repair? Maybe we can get Joe on it…

(Also, not trying to make it political, just asking about bridges)


Saw one this morning right outside my apartment. Girlfriend couldn’t care less so I’m bringing my excitement here. Big bald eagle guy.


We got guys teeing it up at Spring Valley this morning.

Great reminder to sign up for the 2022 Burban.


This is a huge development for my wife/Big Bald Eagle gal and Naper native.

Also a plug - there is a mind blowing amount of bald eagles in Iowa City if you want to take a daytrip. I’m talking trees with 18-24 nose diving in to the river. We went to 4 spots each with that quantity. They were not there when I was on school, but the cleaner res and rivers and probably global uhh environment changes have moved their winter location.


I was up north of duluth for a wedding at the end of the summer, not kidding when I say I spent close to ten hours just sitting on the shore of lake superior watching eagles.

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Admittedly, I was big into the live cams for the Decorah Eagles which is in Iowa. I think the pair have since moved on, but I would have that up streaming most of the day.


We’re a day away from a new treatment of the 2CGC logo with a bald eagle on it.


We need a logo that represents us! A logo that has bridges, and eagles, and elks, and burban/bourbon!


you know you can just tag me, right?

side note, when i was in elementary school down in Bellevue, Iowa (a gem on the Mississippi, has to be said) we would have a big (as big as a festival can be in a town of 2000 people) week-long festival in January when tons of bald eagles would congregate along the river


I think I saw this in Parks and Recreation.


You guis already have cool logos, leave some stuff for the people from “Actual” Iowa

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We drove (on a single digit day - poor choice) for a Sunday in IC last year, you can sit in your car and watch at some spots.

From a January article: The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is in the midst of its annual bald eagle population survey and DNR wildlife biologist Stephanie Shepherd says they’re seeing remarkable numbers in Johnson County — in the heart of the University of Iowa campus.

“This is the Iowa River that goes through Iowa City, so around the Iowa City area both north and to the south,” Shepherd says. “Our staff counted over 700 eagles on this stretch of river and in one mile, counted over 400.”

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America, fuck yeah.


Anyone have tips to get the most out of a fitting? I’ve wanted to do it for a long time but never was a priority with growing family and less time for golf the last few years. I somehow got selected for a Golfweek/Club Champion fitting study where I get a free whole bag fitting (tomorrow) and custom driver built for me. They are going to put arcos on my clubs and I have to play a certain amount of rounds with my current setup and then a certain amount after the new driver gets into the mix then they use my data (and potentially likeness) as marketing material. I want to make sure I’m getting the most out of it and coming in with the right mindset so would appreciate any guidance from those who have gone through the process.

Thinking I want to just go in completely open to whatever, but wasn’t sure if that would mean too many options to get through in the 3.5 hrs, so wondering if maybe I should give some brand/style preferences to help focus things.

Also, this means I need to get in a bunch of golf before July when our son arrives and have a contractual obligation (ie excuse wife can’t fight) as a reason to play a bunch so hope to get out with y’all.


Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the day before and eat & drink water ahead of your fitting. If you work out consider taking an off day the day before your fitting.

I did driver & fairways/hybrids in one session and was completely wiped by the end of it. Didn’t feel like I was getting good data by the end because I was so exhausted.




There have been almost 150 posts on exactly how many bridges are on a certain golf course in North Woodridge, IL. Can make following this thread a real challenge.

If some of you visited Twentynine Palms, CA and counted the number of palm trees in that city, your heads would explode.