Roll Call: Big Randys

Check in for the 6’5" and over club. Forever searching for controllable speed, but at least we have a good excuse to pay the extra for club fitting.

We would of course be honored by a visit from @Randy himself


See everyone take note. This is how you create a new thread.

(Bowing out as I am only a measly 6’0")


I’m only 6’1 but my old man is a 6’6" lefty. Adventures in club fitting like you can’t imagine…

I’m only 6’2”, but desperate for controllable speed, so I’ll click to tracking and back away slowly.

I’m a 6’7" lefty! Definitely limits the frequency of changes in my bag

Not the first time I’m being denied entry for being an inch short.


The cutoff is arbitrary, but also binding. Good day



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6’6" here as well.

Copying over the work of @BigJake from another thread. He went deep on club fitting.

Well there’s a good reason you don’t see tour clubs longer than +1" and you see a lot of 6’4"+ guys with standard length clubs (Chris Wood is a great example). When you start getting more than +1" the swing weight gets out of control. Irons and wedges especially start to feel like sledge hammers. My last set of wedges were deep into the E range. Some tall players (like Wood) are athletic and flexible enough to make a normal club work. When he sets up to a wedge he has 90 degree bends in his knees and his waist. This allows him to stand far enough away from the ball to deliver the club like an average height player.

If you try to use extreme upright lie angles instead of length, you end up standing too close to the ball. Standing too close to the ball you have no choice but to swing out to in and steep. You also run into issues around the green if you’re trying to open up a wedge that’s bent 3+ degrees upright. The geometry just doesn’t work.

After hurting my back a few years ago with that swing and being frustrated by the feel of my sledgehammer irons and wedges, I started looking at lengthening my clubs and figuring out how to adjust swing weight on my own. I went +2" and had good results, worked with counterbalance weights in shafts (20+ grams in the butt end in some clubs) with more good results. Still wasn’t perfect so I started looking for lightweight iron/wedge heads. I found some guys that had made a similar setup to mine with cobra one length stuff. I made a test club but didn’t like the heads.

Then I found National Custom Works.

Talked about what I wanted with Patrick and Don made the clubs I use today. The heads are all about 20 grams lighter than a normal and swing weight to D5. I didn’t have them make wedges because I want to keep the grooves fresh and I’m not dropping NCW money on wedges every year. Figured out you can buy old wedges for cheap, get the chrome stripped and my shop will bring them down to the weight I want.

In conclusion, Libya is a land of contrasts.

The end.


Just an inch short?

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This time, yes.

Other instances:

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Just shy of 6’7" here. And I can’t dunk anymore.

6’5” here.

6’5" checking in…

6’7" checking in.

6’5” here. Been the same height since 7th grade.

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6’5" here also. Nice to see something for the taller folks.

Y’all some large Americans. 5’7” here :joy: but shoutout @DCThree he’s super tall like y’all.