Roll Call: Bay Area Golfers

Can’t beat an empty course and some family golf in the mountains!


The big 30 is coming up. And I want to play 36.
Both courses at Cinnabar Hills or the Bodega/Northwood combo?
Haven’t played any of them….

ATL Represent! What part? I grew up in Lawrenceville. We’ve got a couple of other Bulldogs around here too (sorry, we run the state now, you are assimilated, these are just the rules I didn’t make them)

They actually have 3 nines. Two are sort of similar (v good) and one is more like canyon/hills/woods.

I’d go Northwood / bodega personally though if forced to choose.


I’d go Bodega/ Northwood as well. Get some oysters or stop at some of the cool spots along the Russian River. Rio Nido Roadhouse or Russian River pub are solid spots, the diner at Northwood is also a great spot.


I’m gonna give triple confirmation on the Bodega/Northwood option for the reasons @kriley13 already listed above, plus the golf views/vibes you’ll get throughout the day.


Nice! I rarely made it to Lawrenceville proper but played somewhat close by in college (Smoke Rise, Heritage, Stone Mountain). I grew up in Dunwoody then Peachtree Heights (a few miles away from pre-renovation Bobby Jones). Ah yes, the Philadelphia Eagles Georgia Bulldogs. Happy to hear we’re running the show around here.


Hey all, I’m thinking about snagging a super twilight round at the Old Course in half moon bay today after 5pm. I play pretty fast and prefer to walk. Can anyone comment on the walkability, or the course in general? Is it worth the $70 if you can’t play all 18?

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awesome coast views, giant redwoods. 16-18 at bodega are just great.

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Did you make it out?? How was it.

I did! Tee’d off at 5:20, and finished up a little before 8:00 with the bag pipes playing and the fog blowing in. It was a spiritual experience. I loved the course! I’m playing the Ocean course Memorial Day weekend with a buddy, so I haven’t seen that one yet, but the old course seems to get downplayed a lot. I couldn’t think of a bad thing to say about it.


Hey all - finally joined after encouragement from some other Nest members. Born and raised in San Mateo County and living in downtown San Jose for the time being. Mid-handicapper just looking to get in some rounds, both weekdays and weekends. Would love an invite to the RACDG NorCal Roost group @GremlinGolfer, thanks!


Sliding into your DMs

Hey guys,

Learned about the whole roost and refuge thing yesterday after ordering some NLU gear (still not sure I quite get the intricacies lol) and would love to get to know some other golfers in the area!

Lil about me: I’m 26 and I moved here from Jersey a little over a year ago, based in the South Bay. Mid-handicap golfer always up for a round, either competitive or casual. I’d love to know more about the RACDG NorCal Roost. Hope to see some of you out on the course!


Welcome! @GremlinGolfer is our Roost captain he can get you as plugged in as you dare. A lot of tee time stuff goes down in our slack chat. He can invite you.

Lots of good folks down in the South Bay Area (and everywhere for that matter).

Hit me up too if you need any help. My wife is from Caldwell NJ so your east coast directness won’t offend me :joy:


Hey all! Have 3 tee times at boundary oak tomorrow at 1:14 up for grabs. Let me know if you’d like to join!

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Hey all have one open spot Monday at Harding at 9:30 if anyone is interested. Playing a match for the bracket, another refuge member is the 3rd!

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Bring your popcorn - @NotADoctor will be providing exquisite left-to-right shotmaking lessons, free of charge, while @needmorespeed and I duke it out in a singles match.


If you’ve never seen a mid-handicapper play a slice, Monday could be your lucky day!


jumping back in here to say i played poppy, corral de tierra, and spyglass this weekend while visiting my folks. truly #blessed.

is anyone here a duke’s club member? i obviously loved spyglass (even the inland holes) and was happy to pay those fees for my first time, but naturally i want to play again and will find it difficult to justify each time out. seems like duke’s club is a no brainer since i will be up there ~6 times a year; just wondering if there is anything more to it than submitting an application and paying the fee. appreciate any insight here.