Roll Call: Atlanta - TPC Sign Up Link in Discord Announcements Channel

Ok my fellow Atlanta refugees we have opened up the Stankonia Classic to the wider population given we can accommodate around 100 people (applying for NIT spots). If you have already signed up on the original sheet no need to do anything, but if not sign up here.

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Spread the good word.


Playing RiverPines at 8:50 on Saturday. Have 1 spot open.


As a reminder, DONT FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR THE MATCH PLAY - we need to close sign ups this sunday night to ensure people have time to complete their matches for the sake of regional qualifying.

Sign up here:

As a reminder, here is why the match play is worth playing!

Individual Match Play (Feb thru June)

  • Individual Match Play at 80% of a players course handicap on day of match (add strokes

if player is a + handicap)

  • Can be played at any course (players determine their time and place of match)

  • Single Elimination Tournament - Bracket will be drawn at random (defending champ

earns 1st round bye if necessary)

  • $25 buy in per player

  • Top 2 auto qualify for The Final 4 Playoffs

  • 1st - 500 pts

  • 2nd - 400

  • 3rd/4th - 300

  • 5th-8th - 200

The Final Four

  • Four players will represent The Peachtree Collective at a regional tournament in mid summer, and should we advance, at the national competition. One spot will be allocated to the overall regular season points leader and one to the winner of the Final Four Playoff, with the final two spots available to those with the highest combined regular and postseason points totals not already qualified for the regional team. These four regional competitors must also be able to commit to the National Championship.

  • All qualifiers will compete in a one day tournament for The Final Four

- The Final Four Playoffs

  • One Day Quota Game - Site TBD
  • The Playoff Field is set by Auto Qualifiers and any other members who finish the regular season inside the Top Ten on the regular season points list.
  • The first and second alternates will be determined in the same manner as the second and third travel spots. If a player cannot attend that has qualified, the roster spots and designations will go to the next in qualification order.
  • A player does not have to attend The Final Four Playoffs to earn a spot off points.
  • Final Four Playoff Points 1st (250), 2nd (200), 3rd (150), 4th (125),5th (100), 6th (75), 7th (50), 8th (25)

Last day to sign up for season long match play!


Hey Friends and @GeneralQuinn


The Peachtree Collective would love to take over Aiken for the weekend since y’all are too scared to make the drive over the state line.


Im sure our names will magically not be drawn. (Probably out of fear)

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We aren’t scared. It’ll happen.


Names have magically been drawn…

I’ve posted the video on the discord


LFG. Ok everyone deadlines for the matchplay are below. Gives you four weeks to find a date to make it work with your opponent. Venmo me your buy in prior to the first round. @apmiller92 and last four are 6769. $5 goes to charity the rest to the prize pool. If you guys legititmately made your best efforts to find a time but it can’t be done (unlikely), the Committee will be forced to make a ruling and decide a winner (tbd methodology). These are hard deadlines because we need to get this done in time before regionals.

Rd I - March 10. Rd II - April 7. Rd III - May 5. Rd IV - June 2. Rd V / Final - June 30.

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The competition committee realized we likely should have some sort of small incentive toward participation in these events. Have some patience as we are all figuring this out, and I don’t like changing what is written down and presented originally, but we’ve decided to add a 25 pt bonus just for participation in the event to encourage sign ups. Anyone who simply signs up and participates in a matchplay or a major (NOT QUOTA GAME), will receive 25 pts off the bat. That being said, if somehow this changes your interested in matchplay, you can still sign up for today only.

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Roger that Captain. I will be Ames’ed no later than 3/10!

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thx for the sign-up reminders.

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Bracket has been updated. Added spots were blindly drawn by my office mates to fill the next 4 spots in the bracket.

Signups closed. Lets go launch em!


Reminder we are doing 80% handicaps, but play whatever tees you and your opponent agree upon.

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Guis and Gals – I’m going to run a golf pool for the majors + players this year if anyone is interested

You can enter each tournament individually, or you can also participate in a season long contest as well. You pick 6 players from different tiers based on OWGR. Your top four count. If a player misses the cut they receive the highest score posted for the round.

Thinking $20 buyins for the individual tournaments, $50 for the season long.

For the first entry you have each season just add a $1.50 to help pay for the website that runs it all.

Link to join is below.

My venmo is @apmiller92 Last four are 6769


Mentioned in the discord. There is a spot open at 10am tomorrow at River Pines if anyone wants to jump in on the monthly quota.

Can you share a new Discord invite link? @apmiller

Here ya go