Roll Call: Atlanta - BJGC consultancy thread

They’ve planted a bunch of trees to stop the green path unfortunately. Going to take years for that to happen but it was fun to have the option.

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I deleted my post as I was thinking of the wrong hole…this place is so dang confusing.

I was thinking of the other par 5 that you can go right up towards the par 3 green.

This is more like how I played it both times:

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Totally. But years before you can’t get over the trees they planted.

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Get involved @hojo16. Got any friends? Get them involved too.

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Curious if anyone else in Atlanta has come across Intown or been in any dicussions with them and where the idea sits within the collective ethos…

Concept is a private social club with a buckhead location that will have a bar / food plus like 8-10 full trackman simulators. Looking to expand to other markets and potentially a second atlanta location. Found out about it a few months ago and met the founder but haven’t really done anything since.

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Fall 2020 still gives them a lot of time for build-out. Would definitely have to build up the right kind of environment to make me become a member (depending on price). But it’s a cool concept and would rather go there with my golf friends instead of Top Golf. I think I’d find myself opting for Top Golf more often though because of the fact that it’s so accessible to non-golfers. Don’t know why country clubs don’t put the money in towards these things instead of other irrelevant build-outs.

I think the concept is really cool. Also feels like the brainchild of Atlanta country club elite who want a guys hangout in town that isn’t their clubhouse. Would feel like a collective of 30-50 year old members at Peachtree, Cherokee, Piedmont, ansley and ACC.


I met some of the guys associated with it and the founder. Very cool concept, but I’m not sure who the target member would be.

I belong to one club (2 counting BCN) with a real golf course, so I’m going to spend on trips vs another local option. With their location and amenities, I think it will be somewhat premium-priced, presumably drawing from the Buckhead peeps. Lastly, I am terrible on a simulator and do not enjoy the range much less a simulated range.

More power to them to make golf relevant to more people in more ways. I think it would eventually be something that would offer trips and access to other places, similar to an Outpost Club / New Club.


Fair critique. Interestingly, it’s not so much that. Maybe the money is coming from there a little bit but it actually started out of Atlanta Tech Village incubator. Its invite only and based on the guy I talked to, they’re specifically curating the membership for diversity. But I think it will still lean towards that inevitably.


Hmm. I love the concept of outpost club/new club and such. I think if they can partner with some private clubs or good public tracks. It’d be an incredibly attractive thing!

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Good food and a foul weather option for golf-adjacent activities would kill at any club.


It’s shocking that Atlanta clubs with downtown facilities don’t have them already.

I think that type of stuff will just come naturally from it - it’s an upscale, private social club with people who are probably going to be members at some sick places that you’ll become friends with.

I think their goal is definitely to sell the social club aspect of it. Just come hang out here. We coincidentally have a state of the art indoor practice facility.

Way in on the concept of its some sort of club without a club like New Club, etc.


What would you think is a fair price point per month? Their upfront cost on 10 simulators and Buckhead real estate won’t come cheap.

Edit: what would you be willing to pay?

Maybe somewhere between $50-100/month?

Hmmm. I play golf 4 times a month? 4x$50 give or take. $200 there, another $150 on top for a total thats high, but not terrible.

Would love to be able to get in 24/7. Or at least until midnight on weekdays. If I lived close enough, could easily see myself going there ~9pm just to swing and have a drink until 11pm. I wonder what guest fees would be. Assuming paying the membership means I can play whenever a bay is available (vs paying to get access to tee times), I could see paying $200 a month. $350 for a family rate. I’d want guest fees to land around $40.

This idea seems exactly like why I commute from OTP to ITP every day. I will be happy to leave the indoor golf clubs to other people.