Roll Call: Atlanta - BJGC consultancy thread

They are open. Played Candler Park a week ago. Are you seeing they recently closed down again?

Huh. I’ve called Browns Mill half a dozen times in the last 3 weeks and never gotten anything but a busy signal.

Yeah their phones are busy. Everyone has to call for a tee time and pay for the round over the phone. The city apparently cannot afford call waiting, multiple phones lines or an online booking system. Times are tough.


How have the crowds been at the city courses? I figured the simple act of having to call instead online or walk up booking may thin the herds

You would think that millennias would be afraid to pick up the phone and call someone but that is not the case. City courses are jammed packed on the weekends and busy during the week. Need to call early in the week to get a decent tee time for the weekends. I’ve stopped playing on the weekends. Only play during the week now.

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Public golf in Atlanta is over priced and over played.

Been like this for several years.

If you play a lot, a $300/month country club payment begins to look pretty good.


The problem though is living intown all the privates are not an option so to join a club I’d have to commute to the burbs to play there

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It’s doable depending on exactly where you live in town. I’m 20 minutes door to door Buckhead to Roswell.

From Decatur I’m assuming Berkley Hills or Dunwoody CC are probably the closest and would be at least 30 minutes. I’ve already got a croc collection, might be ready to move to go live that #burblyfe


I dont think they cared to answer the phones ever. Also not sure why the driving range is still closed (or was when I drove down there 2 weekends ago)

Yeah you’re kinda boned on that side of town. Kind of Druid Hills or bust.

Weekends you will be fine at Berkeley or even Rivermont. Druid Hills would work great, but it is in a different price bracket.

Weekdays are the crap shoot, especially when traffic gets back to full-strength,

Playing public, I would be driving 30 - 60 minutes to play across the metro area, so keep that in mind.


I only wear them inside the house, since I ruptured my plantar fascia. I swear.

~15 extra minutes to your course to free up 30 minutes to 1 hour of pace of play. And meet more like minded golfers?

that’s what they call “worth it”

You are usually driving 30+ minutes to play a course worth a damn anyway, so the private route isn’t as drastic of a change.

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We have some spots left open if any of you guis want to join in the fun.

Aiken Golf Club 10/3 all day. $100


Have a new NLU disciple, non refugee potentially lined up. Should know by end of weekend.



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unfortunately that guii can’t make it happen. false alarm.

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