Roll Call: Alabama (Spring Match Play Info - Post #676)



checking in from south Alabama :call_me_hand:t3:


Hey, there’s two of us!

You got a top 3-5 list of favorite courses in Alabama?

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Visiting Gulf Shores, Alabama in March…

Want to make it down to Pursell Farms one of these days

Willow Point
Of the RTJ courses I like Shoals and Cambrian Ridge.


Current UA student. I play Ol’ Colony pretty much all of the time. Anyone ever play there? #2, the short par four is hands down my favorite hole. You drive over a HUGE valley which makes for a killer walk but it’s awesome. Leaves you with a wedge and a blind shot, which I happen to love.

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I love Ol’ Colony. Played it a good bit while in school there. I usually try to make it to a basketball game and play the same weekend.

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Played Kiva Dunes years ago, in heavy winds, it was a ball buster. Haven’t played much else down there.

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Whoever just said willow point is my dog. That’s where I grew up. If you get out that way check out Stillwater’s for sure too.

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Birmingham. Love Ross Bridge, Farm Links, and Ballantrae

Huntsville checking in. Member at Huntsville Country Club. Play RTJ Shoals, and Canebreak very often as well. Try to go over to Sweetens whenever I can.

Most likely going to orange beach in November. Played Gulf Shores and one of the Craft Farms courses. (The one that starts to the left of the driving range)
Wanting some advice on other courses. Kind of want to test my luck at Lost Ball I mean Key but wanted some other takes/advice

From Huntsville. . . will play anywhere. Favorites in the area are terri pines, gunters landing, shoals, ridge at oxmoor, and sweetens. Mainly play Hampton cove and goose pond.

Birmingham checking in. RTJ courses are great. Also like Bentbrook in Bessemer. Hoping to make a trip to Sweetens soon.

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Checking in from Birmingham as well. Love RTJs and a great muni about 25 minutes from downtown is Horse Creek. Great track and great value.

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Looking at a Wednesday (11/27) tee time at craft farms (1ish) anyone wanna join?

Birmingham checking in…

Birmingham area here. Live at Ross Bridge, play at Inverness.

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