Richmond, Virginia (RVA)

New RVA Nest member here. Lakeside Park Club is home for me.


Welcome! I play at Independence personally. Hope everyone has a great year!


Been a NLU fan for a long time now and finally joined the Nest for 2023 and beyond. Live in Richmond and play out of CCV. Always down for a game. Cheers!


Welcome folks! Be sure to join the WhatsApp.

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I’m also at LPC.

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Adding to the New Year additions. Just joined The Nest and happy to find this group. Live in Midlothian but willing to play wherever (mostly Independence and Belmont as I try to find a club). Thanks.


He’s also an instigator.

In a good way.

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl:

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Hey everyone - joined The Nest late last year & finally getting involved. I currently play at Willow Oaks. Would love to get some rounds in anywhere around town - home course included. Just joined the Whatsapp group and look forward to getting out there with y’all in 2023.


Will not find a better group to play with than the folks here, welcome!

If by chance whoever the Nest member I ran into at Indoor Golf RVA the other morning is in this thread, figured I’d give a shout and say nice bumping into somebody from the Refuge.

Think that was probably me. Good bumping into you

Any RVA folks have PCP recommendations? Total nightmare trying to find a good physician. Thanks!

Ooohhh… Primary care physician…

(Quickly deletes post about where to find PCP in Richmond…)


I am in the same boat. Cannot wait for a doctor to tell me to eat bland healthy food, avoid drinking, and lose weight. Might even get pills for high blood pressure.

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Dr. Pepper imo

Richmond folks, jump on 95 and come play Bulle Rock in May!

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Dr Patrick Woodward virginia Physicians

Way to go now my targeted ads are all rehab centers after googling “pcp richmond va”