Refuge Secret Santa - 2023: SANTA! Are We Done Yet?!

The Inaugural Refuge Secret Santa

November is upon us. Halloween is over. Large swaths of the country are dealing with shitty cold weather. That means it is the Holiday Season (whether you like it or not).

In the spirit of the Season I am proposing we exchange some gifts and some holiday cheer.

  1. Reply to this thread AND send me a DM saying you are in.

  2. I will reply to your DM and collect your real name and address and send you a short google form to fill out (I will only disclose it to the person that will send you your gift and I will delete all information after)

Signups will stay open until November 22. At that time, I will assign everyone a random Refugee for you to purchase a thoughtful gift for. I will send you their username, name, shipping address and any info provided in the Google Form. Take some time and be a little creepy. Read their posts, stalk their likes and post history, come up with something to send them you think they will like.

Parameters: Recommended spending is $40. Make your gift thoughtful and interesting. Find something, buy something, make something. For example, a putting mirror for @LJP might be the gift he needs to slow down the growth of his collection. Or an entirely new golf game for @anon26814599 (although I don’t think you can buy that for $40). A nice small piece of artwork or a box of avocados for @aannddyy00 . Some new ropes and chains for @TwoCents

In the words of TC:

You have until Christmas to get your gift to your assigned Refugee. If you do not receive your gift by Christmas let me know. WE WILL THEN PUBLICLY SHAME THE PERSON WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO SEND YOU YOUR SECRET SANTA. Being golfers, we are working on the honor system here and it’s the holidays. Don’t be a Scrooge.

Once you get your gift, post a picture of it here. Whoever sent it to you can reply and you can say thanks and exchange an internet hug.

Put a smile on someone’s face this holiday season.


Christmas is already too fucking big.

I’m out.


So on brand.
Thank you for your service.


DAMN I really wanted to get andy so I could send him an art history 101 textbook

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Once more, with feeling:

Nice try, cops.


I’ll still accept gifts. but i’m not buying anything for any of you guys. lol

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You could probably submit username and a PO Box. or a mail forwarding service. I’m sure there are ways that you of all people could figure out.

This is off to a hot start…personally love the idea

I’m in, and I’ll also be in for @aannddyy00 too

I’m in.

If gifting chains, you’ll go over budget. Those aren’t cheap.

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Hey this is awesome and I’m totally in.

Love it. IN!

In! Who’s gonna be the lucky recipient of these beautiful iron head covers?!?!


Great Shout @HaveOuimet - Is postage to Ireland going to be an issue?

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I’m in on this.

Great question. Once I gather entries I will see what we have from other countries and possibly pair those up. We will figure something out.

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You can still send @aannddyy00 an art history textbook.

Spoiler alert!


I’m in on this

In. This has so much potential for comedy, chaos, and sparking new duels.


But this is a great idea. I’m in!