Refuge Book Club: Killers of the Flower Moon Date, September 20th

Hey All,

The Scotland trip was planning on reading FM Ford’s The Good Soldier for an in-person bookclub in Scotland next month. As that won’t be happening, @Sarah had the very intuitive idea to make it a bookclub here.

So here goes, anybody interested, let’s read FM Ford’s The Good Soldier. I’ll set the discussion to open on April 13th, which would’ve lined up with our planned timeline for Scotland.

We can discuss in the thread, but does anybody know of apps/software where we could connect via video/phone as a group to discuss? Thinking that might be more fun and engaging if people are interested. But we can cross that bridge when we get closer. For now, anybody interested, read the book, make notes on thoughts, questions you’d like to ask and let’s make the most of this.


Google Doc with current selection + discussion date, past book selections, member directory, and discussion questions is here:


I’ll leave this thread open BUT PLEASE NO BOOK SPOILERS UNTIL APRIL 13TH

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I believe the kids these days are using Zoom.

Source:all of the law school memes are about Zoom now


Same, my wife’s been using it for a lot of stuff with big success. Free for up to 100 participants, meetings of up to 40 minutes.

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Skype or Google Hangouts work well enough for a video chat, and most people already have them either through work or personal accounts.

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It may limit the # of connections.

We could always just get a discussion going in this thread. Not the same but we’re all looking for any sort of distractions!

Way in on a book club and always looking for ways to get out of my normal book genres/rabbit holes.

Currently using team for work, but have also used a lot of Zoom and Skype.

Don’t know about Zoom so thanks for that rec. and Lord knows we don’t actually have to do video chat, but it may make it more vibrant. Always feel like discussing in real time is preferable to typing and what not. But we can do whatever people want.


I’ve got a zoom license I can use to facilitate


Wife has been using Zoom for her WFH efforts in education this week. Seems like a mass of them joining in and pretty impressive.


Wasn’t going on the trip but I’m in.


I’d probably rather go the message board route. While discussing in person (er, via video conference in this case) may lead to better discussion, the chances of getting many people all able to actually participate at a given time seem slim.

But I read FMF’s Parade’s End and liked his writing, and yet never got around to Good Soldier, so I’d like to have this as an excuse.

Great. I finished the book. Ready for the discussion. Definitely think a video chat would be great.

Ordered the book last night. I hope that Amazon realizes the importance of this being a super essential item.

I was not supposed to be on the Scotland trip, but Bandon for a buddies birthday, so I’m happy to take my mind away from current events to reflect on the past.

Also, in for whatever method of discussion.


You a quick reader? Can I borrow when done? Preferably 'rona-free

Free on Kindle or Apple Books


GREAT looking out, downloaded and beginning tonight.

Well I just canceled a Scotland trip in May that I’ve been planning for almost a year. So maybe it is time to #GetInvolved. I’ve never read this book. Looks interesting.

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Just ordered the book. Barnes and Noble curbside pickup FTW.