RACDG Europe - Calluna Trophy - Tuesday 19th July

Thought I would put a post up to notify of the Calluna Trophy which is taking place in 1 weeks time. A year in the planning, this is the 2nd major in the RACDG calendar for 2022.

75 flockers are taking on Hankley Common for 36 holes. We have managed to book the entire course out for the day, so will just be Flock golfers kicking about - in what is looking like 30 degree heat. Absolute survival of the fittest!

I’ll try to remember to post the leaderboard link as we get closer to the event so anyone needing a fix can track it. Hell, we even run a booking tote, so if anyone wanted to get involved and try to win some money, we can do that too!

Just a couple of pics of Hankley from recently, where friends of the Flock have played it. Firm and fast is the situation!


As Matt mentioned, we have a tote up and running for Tuesday’s event. Every £ bet will be paid out. You’ll be able to follow along with the live scoring here, so feel free to take part (if your state/religion/morals allow). Form guide is above!

How it works - Have as much as you want on whichever player(s) you want. The return per £1 staked will be the total amount staked on all players divided by the total amount staked on the winning player.

Example 1 - £180 is staked in total, with £20 on eventual winner Ben Swanton. Each £1 on Ben returns £9.

Example 2 - £256 is staked in total, with only £2 on eventual winner Sunil Shah. Each £1 on Sunil returns £128.

The tote is open from now until the first tee shot is struck at 0900 on Tuesday. Total stakes per player will not be published until the pool is closed. Handicaps in the entry list are subject to change. Final playing handicaps will be published on Tuesday morning.

To enter, DM me with details of what you want on each player (e.g. £1 on Grantley White, £2 on Matt Wabe and contribute the amount to the RACDG Europe PayPal - PayPal.Me.

Good luck!

We are two days away.

And now 35° heat.

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I was playing in Aberdeen this week and heard about RACDG.

Im golf mad and keen to learn more . Can you help ?

Im a member at North Berwick west and Bruntsfield in edinburgh .



Hey….message me directly with you number, and we can look to get you involved.

I’m away for the weekend, so may be early next week before I respond!