Postin' a Number

I started really getting into golf around Oct’ 20 and this is my first season keeping an official handicap.

I’m pretty diligent about posting my rounds and making sure not to become a sandbagger or arguably worse, a reverse sandbagger.

I’ve played a couple 9s where I was trying out something new and shot well and didn’t post or shot terribly and didn’t post.

I’m interested to get other peoples general thoughts on posting numbers?

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No sweat, a sandbagger is much, much worse than a vanity handicap.

Did you try to make the ‘best score possible’? On those rounds? If yes, then post. They only take your top 8 for that reason, there’s room for bad rounds.

there are many, varied opinions here on the sanctity of your handicap scores. disclose how you manage your handicap at your own peril!


I just make an effort to pick one round per month and post that score no matter what. Some months its more than one but one is the minimum

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The rules say you post them all, basically.

So long as they’re not solo rounds or rounds in which you’re not obeying the Rules of Golf at all (hitting two or three balls around, not putting, whatever).

Whether you actually do this or not… determines how “legitimate” your handicap is. Follow the rules for handicapping and it’s legitimate. Don’t and it’s varying shades of illegitimate.


All rounds of 9 holes or more that I play with 14 clubs and keep score get posted.

The exception are rounds where I’m playing with friends and playing a format that doesn’t end up with a stroke play score (say scramble or alternate shot) or when i take the Sunday bag out and only 4 or 5 clubs. I don’t post those.

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