PGA 2K23 Refuge Tour - Info Post #8746 - S21 Begins 2/5

Season 18 ORGR rankings are out. @BlakeG holds onto the top spot but @WhineyCracker52 closed to Blake by more than 50% this season. The range of scores across all flights also continues to shrink as we’ve become more familiar with the game.


When I looked yesterday there was no Xbox event set up

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I formally request that @BlakeG @WhineyCracker52 & @kmart796 have their own flight. #playbetter i know i know.


@notjustinkaiser or @DetroitGolfer19 can get that sorted out

Unfortunately I’m Vegas this week for work, so I can’t help this time around. I believe @DetroitGolfer19 AND @duffing_in_detroit are admins on Xbox?

I’ll get this set up when I’m home from work around 2pm, sorry about that!

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Getting posted now, sorry for the delay. Work got out of control

Are the playoffs happening? Am I in them? Why are no scores in? 5858 to all

I had a sheet mocked up for the top 5 from each flight, but I will need @mctrees02 help with the handicap strokes for a full field no flight event if those are still a go. Apologies for the delay, this was more of a trial run of the handicapping system to see if it would work, to be honest

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for handicap purposes, all you need to do is use the number listed for each player based on the number of rounds in the event.

The handicap is calculated based on the best 50% of SG rounds each person played this season.

If you want to reduce it down, then give something like 80% or 90% of the number listed.


Not part of the tour here, but how much video game bullshit should I expect in this game? Finally made the tour and playing against bubba Watson in a “rivalry” at an event and he’s holed out from 40+ yards 4 times through 9 holes…

5 times through 12…

Easy enough! Playoff sheet is now in place, far too late but oh well. The exercise I think is a success based on the calculations staying intact through the season. I have it set up with 90% handicaps for everyone

Gotta be honest I’ve barely touched the single player mode in this game, is there a AI difficulty setting you can toggle?

Ill have to look but through 2 rounds now he’s holed out from distance or the sand about a dozen times.

That doesn’t sound right, shouldn’t be that difficult to beat a rival

I don’t even know how to watch your rival play?

Hmm that sounds odd. You can adjust the AI difficulty but even on high settings I’ve never seen them go nuts.

That being said, the main value of career mode is to load up on XP at twice the rate of non-career mode to earn the best fittings for your player.

Very interested in how this plays out! I’m coming for you, @TonyPres!


I think we can call the playoff a successful test run of the handicapping system, we will be using this for the upcoming new season to do a full playoff event with no flights, one overall winner. Minimum to qualify will be 7 or 8 events out of the 10 event season, I will get a new info post up soon once we’re set that will lay out everything. Very loose idea in my head, but I’ll see if we are able to get shop credit for the playoff podium places again. No guarantees there but I’ll see what’s possible.

Based on those who posted for the playoff, the winner is @Aham13, beating @BlakeG by 2 strokes. I think this proves the model, anyone in the field can win if they play well. Big shoutout to @mctrees02 for figuring that part out.

We have a short off-season, got a couple events scheduled for next week and the week after. If we get two volunteers to be captains, we can do a team match over the two events for fun. Reply here if you are interested and we’ll get it set up. Thank you as always for playing this season, congrats to @Aham13 on winning the overall, and 5858