OATW NIT Qualifier - 4th Annual No Findlay-Ing Up - 5/4/2024

Let’s run it back. May 4, 2024 in Findlay, OH. 9:00 shotgun start with registration opening at 7:30 and group photo at 8:50.

We will be playing 18 holes of quota to qualify for NIT spot plus some version of shenanigans in the afternoon. My goal is to end up at False Chord brewing again after golf.

Sycamore Springs will be our wonderful hosts again this year and the cost is $100 and that covers golf, lunch, cart fee and donation to charity. Hancock County Humane Society and Findlay Area Junior Golf are the charities again this year.

When signing up on Unknown Golf you’ll be assigned to the waitlist. Once you Venmo me the payment you’ll get moved to the confirmed list. Since we are using Unkonwn, the size of the event is getting bigger and we have the course the whole day the $100 is non-refundable. It’s worked out in the past where people have paid the day of but it’s a huge burden on the course staff.

There will be an optional $20 50/50/CTP game that I’ll announce the morning of. Again, this is completely optional, you’ve paid the $100 for the event and the travel, the last thing I want to do is make you shell out more funds.

Any hotels you’ll want to stay at if you’re budget friendly are off of I-75 on 224/Trenton Ave area. Please don’t stay in the hotels on the East side of 75 right by the 224/Trenton Ave area. Just trust me. If you’re coming to False Chord or in town for more than a night I highly recommend the Findlay Inn. The Hancock Hotel is sold out due to Univ of Findlay graduation.

Sycamore itself is really laid back and has plenty of room to run around and do hood rat shit if your kids or family want to show up sometime. However, the attractions for families in Findlay is really focused on our park system, the Children’s Museum and playgrounds. If you’re spouse and kids are into children’s books and artwork from them then be sure to check out the Mazza museum. It’s a world renowned art gallery filled with children’s book art and memorabilia.

Here’s the signup list, LETS GO!





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In. LFG.

Bummed to not be able to make this one.

@Conley76 we doing fostoria Friday again?

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So in! Had a blast last year.

Yes we are. Signup sheet below

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Shout out @quicktempo for signing up for….nothing

This is a mega mistake. I saw a signup sheet and for some reason thought it was the generic event signup, and those columns were additional to the event itself. Clearly, this is not the case. Thank you for the callout, I have removed myself.

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I just had to laugh at someone going to the signup sheet and saying No to everything it’s for. I knew you probably thought it was for the main event

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Hey all, don’t forget that if you signed up for this, you need to Venmo me to be moved into the actual registration

Has everyone that paid me been moved to the roster?


I’m showing as registered on UKG app.

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I am registered.

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I’m on the registered players list on UKG but there is also a link for me to register for that event. Not sure if that’s good or not

You’re good, I’m just making sure that everyone who Venmo’d me is on the proper list.

yep all set thanks

Just registered and was put on the Waitlist…do we just Venmo you to be moved to the event roster, or do we have to wait until a spot opens up?

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