North Star Shootout 3 (Stillwater, MN): 2022, July 9 - StoneRidge GC - AM TEE TIMES #843


Hello, friends. We finally have a venue. My tournament logo is (mostly) approved by the course so I’m running with it. Still, apologies to everyone except @BaxterMSP for the delay in getting this up.

What: The 3rd Annual North Star Shootout
Where: StoneRidge Golf Club, Stillwater, MN
When: SATURDAY, JULY 9 (with optional golf on Friday, 7/8 and/or Sunday, 7/10)
Cost: $250 per person for 36 holes of golf, cart, lunch, two drink tickets, and goodies

36-hole, two-man team quota (NET, obviously) - AM Foursomes (alt-shot), PM Fourball


  1. Eternal glory
  2. Two qualifiers to the Roost Regional, details below
  3. Two NIT spots


  • Do I have to be a Nest member to play in this thing? Absolutely not, the more the merrier
  • What about the NIT and Roost Regional? Those are both Nest things, so you will need to be a Nest member or commit to signing up in order to qualify for either
  • Will there be a merch raffle this year? Hell yeah
  • What about a charity component? Absolutely - this year’s proceeds will benefit the Gillette Children’s Foundation

What’s this Roost thing again?
Roost details here.

Our Roost, the North Star United, is in the Heartland region which includes the Confluence Golf Club (St. Louis), The Great Plains Golf Club (Kansas City), and the Mile High Coop (Denver). Each of the four Roosts will ultimately send a team of four golfers to compete in the Heartland Regional (details to follow, of course). Half of that esteemed foursome will be determined at the Shootout.


Merch signups: mid-Feb/March
Team announcements selection: June


Boooooooo. Give me a visible spreadsheet so I can see who is playing!



I can, but then I have to ask people to self-doxx a bit…

Mother F*cker…the only weekend I’m out of town all summer.


Which most of us have done like 40 times.

Before we get too far here, I signed up, but I am not in a roost, nor will I be. Can I even play in this thing?

Also, when me and my partner obviously win, what happens?


We can go play a round ourselves some other time and pretend we’re at the Shoot out…

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Tentatively signing up. No idea what this summer might look like, but this is one of the few events I hope to make this year.

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If I have to miss the NSS for the third year in a row I will quit the Nest and never enter the refuge again*

*I reserve the right to do none of those things.


Good question, the answer is absolutely yes. There’s a few reasons why I didn’t specify who gets the NIT spots and Roost qualifiers, one is that only Nest members can go to the NIT and/or Team Club Championship (which is fed by the Regional), but the event is open to anyone. The second, in my mind bigger issue, is you need to be able to commit to both the Regional (outline says end of July but I’m going to push for early August) and the Team Club Championship (end of September) or it’s all for naught. So it is very likely that we’ll have to go “down the list” somewhat to put a team together who can make everything work schedule-wise. I will update the post.

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Just signed up! Pumped!

I thought specifically you said “not the 9th” when I originally posted dates? Did I get it backwards?

I definitely will not win. I just figured that was a good question to get out there.

Give me a teammate who is also anti Roost and we’ll have a nice time.

In fact, if I could get into a 4 some that doesn’t care about the Roost or NIT, that would be ideal. Hahahaha.


And it’s team golf.


I feel the exact same way, but on the opposite end of the spectrum.

I love team golf.

I’m pissed I can’t go.

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I know. I hate team golf.

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but you will swing hard af


You should be thanking me. Without my guidance it would be another 3 months before we have an event page.

Also, I agree with @xthrubyx…let’s see a spreadsheet so I can track the degenerates attending


I changed it, but only because @xthrubyx asked me to