No Findlay-Ing Up - May 14 2022 - Findlay, OH (Sign up post 1 - update on 64)

Let’s run it back. May 14th at 9:30-ish (tee time start) in Findlay, OH. We will be playing 18 holes followed by a 9 hole alt-shot extravaganza followed by Modcraft Brewing hosting us in Downtown Findlay.

Sycamore Springs will be our wonderful hosts again this year and the price should be under $100 for golf and quick lunch and donation.

Any hotels you’ll want to stay at if you’re budget friendly are off of I-75 on 224/Trenton Ave area. If you’re coming to Modcraft or in town for more than a night I highly recommend the Findlay Inn or the Hancock Hotel. Both within walking distance to all of the things.

Sycamore itself is really laid back and has plenty of room to run around and do hood rat shit if your kids or family want to show up sometime. However, the attractions for families in Findlay is really focused on our park system and playgrounds. If your kids or spouses like playgrounds then you’re in luck.

Also, stay tuned for a ton of extra details that I haven’t wrapped my head around yet.


Also, I’m going to try to keep the updates in this top post.

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I didn’t make it out to sycamore all of last year. Might as well do it may 14.

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Oh hell yes. Can’t wait


Can non-roost members sign up (aka my HS golfer son)?

Yes, but he can’t compete in the tournament if that makes sense. Good call though of bringing a DD. Love it.


Absolutely. Just good practice to be in the mix!

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9:30 ish tee times everyone. Plan accordingly (OR ELSE)

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Any plans for Friday or Sunday golf?

We gotta do Friday afternoon/eve surely?

You just nominated yourself as Guy In Charge Of Friday Golf.

In all honesty I’d be happy to get with the course to arrange tee times at sycamore like I did last year.


You don’t want to show them amazing views of highway 75 at hill crest?


No. 100% no.

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Times like this it sucks we lost red hawk.


Being the guy from Kentucky thats the worst idea you’ve had. :rofl:

Damn it. If this wasn’t the weekend before Maxamania, I’d be 100% in.

But now, I need to figure out how to ask the wife to be gone all day two Saturdays in a row and not feel like a bad Dad and Husband because of it. Any tips appreciated.

Invite her to spend time in the city one of the days? I love Detroit and findlay isn’t awful. Get her a spa day.

Tell her to bring the kiddo(s) to Sycamore Springs to do hood rat shit.


I have seen a Lemur on a leash at SSGC before…just saying


Findlay, as of today is forecasted to get 27” of snow this week. Posting this to increase our winter tourism advertising.

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