No Findlay-Ing Up - Findlay, OH - May 2022 - Participants, Maybe you?

@brettbito @igolf619

@eatonsb and I are looking at car pooling down on the Saturday, and coming home after the event if you’re interested.

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I would love to but I just don’t think I can make it happen. Appreciate the offer tho!

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New to the nest and new to NIT qualifying. I put my name on the signup list for the No Findlay-ing Up event. I didn’t know how many spots there are going to be. How does the qualifying work, such as how many spots available?


Total guess, is we get one spot, maybe two? Whomever has the most quota points will advance to the NIT, any tiebreakers will be TBD by chugging fireball.

Also, welcome.


Supposed to be 73 in Findlay tomorrow and Sycamore’s opening for the season!


Hey all, do you want me to get a block of tee times for Friday?

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Unfortunately gotta WD guys :frowning: See y’all next year!

FYI - Modcraft Brewing is going through a name change thanks to a legal battle so our post round drinks will be held at the bar formerly known as Modcraft


What’s the deadline to sign up for this? I’m a Findlay local lurker, and want to play, but have a finger injury thing I’m dealing with right now. Also have a friend from the Dayton area that is really interested in playing too, but needs more time before he commits. Thanks, guys.

Probably end of this month I’ll start closing it! Also, sign up anyone you’d like

Is this thing still on? I feel like this is a quiet thread for 55+ Folks showing up


I’ll start. Anyone booking an Airbnb? Already booked and have room? Interested in booking?

Officially committed now. You already find one or looking for one?

Haven’t booked yet—may bring the fam. I’ll know by next weekend.

Executive decision today, tee times starting at 9:00, hoping to have everyone there and ready to go at 8:45 for announcements etc


Can’t remember if I already pulled out or not, but if someone can repost the google sheet, I need to back out of the event. That weekend is a shitshow with one kid having baseball, one kid having a track meet, and my wife is in Nashville at a concert all on Saturday. One day these events are gonna work out for me…

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Unacceptable but i get it

Ohhh…early. May mean getting a room the night before as the drive from the CLE may be legit too long that early in the AM.

Lots of guys coming in that night. Check the what’s app thread.