NLU ST ANDREWS INV. (Keep. DMK’s. Name. Out. Your Fu*kin Mouth!)

Starting a new thread here - our postponed 2021 trip to St Andrews has four people who either can’t make the new dates work or have had major life changes since the original trip was booked, so we’ve got a a few spots to fill. Have had a few people reach out over the last few months about getting involved but figure it best to just throw all the info up and centralize it accordingly and get a list/waitlist going again. If you’re interested in coming, details are below:

Dates: Arrive into Edinburgh the morning of Saturday, April 10th. Depart Edinburgh the morning of Saturday, April 17th.

Accommodations: six nights at the Old Course Hotel. There are both single and double occ rooms to be had (price difference is around $700). Includes full Scottish breakfast each morning.

Golf: rounds at Crail, Eden, Jubilee, New, Old, Panmure, Carnoustie, and either Elie or Dumbarnie. Plus the option to add Kingsbarns during an open morning for extra $. There will also be a putting tournament on the Himalayas, and a viewing party for final round of Masters.

Also included: airport transfers, transportation to/from golf, four lunches, and four dinners (including one overlooking the 18th green and R&A at the St Andrews Golf Club).

Cost: around $4700 for double occ, additional $700 for single occ

Feel free to reach out directly and I can send over full itinerary and details. Obviously dealing with a lot of unknowns with regard to travel, vaccines, etc. but it seems as if beginning of March is emerging as a realistic timeline for widespread vaccination/lifting of travel bans. If it’s not then we’ll go from there and adjust accordingly.


Can you elaborate on what contingency plans might be should travel bans not be lifted in time, or a vaccine isn’t widely available? We now have the benefit of foresight and ability to plan ahead, something you guys and Simon obviously didn’t have last March/April when this thing was just kicking off. Are there any contingency plans, or any discussions of contingency plans with Simon?


An excited but pessimistic citizen


Have not broached specifics with him. Still six months out and have plenty of time to assess and be proactive. We’ll likely take a look at where we’re at in late January and start coming up with contingencies, if need be and still be very proactive. Hopefully you have full confidence in us to have your best interests at heart - we have been, and will continue to be, quite vociferous in defending those interests. If we’re in a similar situation to where we were earlier this year then we’d demand/expect the same flexibility extended to us from the hotels, courses and operators, as we had this year, as it would be nearly identical reasoning and situation.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions feel free to reach out to any of us on here, or shoot me an email ( - door is always open!


Yup, you guys went to bat hard for us earlier this year and we know you’ll continue to do so if a similar situation arises. I was asking more A. Out of curiosity, and B. For those that might be interested in signing up to fill the open spots.


Is a divorce attorney discount also included as part of this package? Asking for a friend


Given the preponderance of lawyers on the refuge, chances are there’s someone already on the trip who could represent you in a variety of matters pertaining to divorce, separation, asset forfeiture, etc.


The only way I could even remotely consider doing this is if someone crashed a gold bullion truck into my living room, but having said that… $4,700 for six nights at the mothererffin OLD COURSE HOTEL, all breakfasts, all the other meals, and eight rounds of golf (including THE old course) seems pretty friggin sweet


Long time listener, first time caller. Count me as interested!

Glad Panmure is on the rota. One of the only clubs I’ve considered an international membership at. Sad how many people have played 2 miles down the road but have never heard of Panmure.


@Tron posted this 6 hours ago and we have 7 replies in 6 hours. When @jhkaplan started the original thread we had 300+ replies in 3 hours. Fuck you 2020 and the virus you rode in on!


haha I’ve gotten about a dozen DM’s and emails about it. But yes, generally agree, fuck 2020.


Obviously I’m just a much better poster than @Tron


Just as a “so you know” for any newcomers, the GB&I guys are doing an RACDG event in St Andrews the same week. We’re not doing anything the same as the main group, but there will be 44 of us in town the same week, playing, drinking, putting, eating and hanging out.

So there will be 70 odd of us in the evenings for Dunvegan beers. Just hoping by then we can actually enjoy each other’s company!


When I first joined the Refuge I was a single dude who had been playing golf seriously for a grand total of about 3 months.

It’s barely a year later, and now I don’t think that I could get a Scotland trip past the girlfriend on top of a Bandon trip with some Refuge folks in March and the NIT trip next month.

Hope that whoever ends up in the new spots has a great time!


Definitely interested if there are still spots available. I would be flying from Germany, so for me there will likely be no travel ban :metal:t3:

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Girlfriend does not = wife!

Enjoy life now while you still can.


I agree. I would be all in on this, but honestly I just don’t want to deal with the uncertainty. I know the guys will do everything they can and have done a great job with their other events. But I just don’t think I can handle the stress wondering if things will be canceled or rescheduled and what the airlines might do.

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THIS. @RobertHunter


This isn’t a bookmark to stalk newcomers.

Also, be prepared to discuss rain pants. This is your one and only advanced warning on the subject.


Haha I appreciate the advice, but it’s less about her not letting me go than it is making sure that I have enough PTO for the two of us to do a few big trips we’re already planning.