NLU Presents The Donnybrook 3.0 - March 2-5, 2023

Ladies and Gents,

The Donnybrook is back! NLU is headed back to Pinehurst for the first NLU event of the 2023 season!

Event Dates: March 2-5, 2023

Entries for the lottery will open Friday, November 11th @ 12:00 pm ET

  • Registration will be open exclusively to Nest members for two days, and then we will conduct a lottery drawing to determine the playing field for 2023. Please read all of the registration details on the event website PRIOR to entering into the lottery.

Event Details:

The 3rd annual Donnybrook will be another Pinehurst sweepstakes and consists of 4 Day/3Night Custom Golf Package that includes: Three nights in the Manor Inn, three days of breakfast, one opening reception, one group dinner, tee gift, NIT Spots, one round of golf on Pinehurst No. 2, Pinehurst No. 4, The Cradle, and some fun around Thistle Du putting course. This Package is inclusive of all taxes and resort service fee.

You can find all the Information about the event and enter the lottery via the Golf Genius website HERE.




Absolutely love the AM tee times. Still look back at the 2020 Donnybrook as one of the best golf trips I’ve ever been on.


Who do we speak with about greasing the skids? Is that still @djpie ?


Let’s gooooo!


If it helps, the Walshes (CC: @AmandatoryGolfFriday) might be willing to share a room.


Dang, I will be at Pinehurst the week before. This was an incredible event last year and I’m sure it’ll only be better next time.

One question about spouses – I looked at the site but couldn’t find the information.

Would we book as a single occupancy and add a spouse, or book it as a double occupancy and add the spouse?

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Great question. I confirmed with Pinehurst that you’d book and thus be charged as double occupancy. If your spouse cancels, you will only be refunded minus the difference of moving you to a single occupancy rate. Does that make sense?


Yep, thank you! Wanted to have all the info before pitching this to my wife :joy:

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10/10 can confirm that the Walshes would share a room…

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Do we think we can squeeze in a round on No. 3 between the No. 4 round and closing ceremonies? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

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Just got back from Piney and can’t wait to go again, we’re fired up.

I thought they said this was a perk of running roosts? Platinum status for all NLU events and auto registration? That and two laundry bags instead of one.

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Sorry if I am just misunderstanding, but what if your spouse is also your playing partner? Assuming I play well enough and am allowed in the bed, we’d take a single occupancy but both playing so not the spouse add on rate, but also not taking two single rooms. I realize this is a somewhat niche question…

EDIT: I’m just now realizing this is not a team event, but I suppose my question still stands…

You both would enter into the lottery and if both names are chosen, you’d be a double occupancy.

What I meant by spouse was a husband or wife that would no be golfing.

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Sweet this makes sense

How many spots are available via lottery?

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Just a reminder that Donnybrook registration opens on Friday! Woot Woot!


34 spots, my friend. I should also note that the staff at JAX beach was very upset that Mr. Mintbucket was not in the roster this year!