NJ/Eastern PA MD/DE Let’s Play AC C.C

Just putting some feelers out for now, but after hearing where all the regionals will be held, the New Jersey, Eastern PA/Philly, and Delaware/Maryland area seemed to be left out. Closest one was the MerchCzar’s Flushing Meadow Pitch and Putt. Which is a hike for a vast majority of the area.

That being said, i think a good central location for us could be Atlantic City CC. It’s a nice track if you haven’t been there, and Tom Doak did a redesign a few years back. If we get enough people to agree to it, i think there’s a good chance we could get our NIT Regional here. @Tron already said they were thinking about the area being left out.


Who wants a Regional over here? I do.

Craic on. Cheers!

EDIT: Doesn’t have to be for the NIT. Just think it would be fun for a bunch of us to converge on Atlantic City. Let’s have some fun.


I think there were some discussions about doing an event there or at architects golf club on the RACDG NE group before the NIT or any of these meetups became a thing


Checking in from MD. Let’s make it happen

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Okay, good. Hopefully this will garner interest then.

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Yeah… Flushing Meadows is a real hike from New Jersey


From northern New Jersey, no. But from Philly? Delaware? Maryland? Yeah. It’s kind of a hike.

If you set up a cool regional Refuge meetup (shoutout RACDG-Northeast subchapter Philly/NJ @Craigstands), then maybe it could garner enough interest to become an NIT qualifier. But… as @Tron said earlier…

Philly regional meetup! Hit your local RACDG group! If you don’t know what that is… hit the search bar!


I don’t really feel like I’m taking the “qualifying” too seriously. Just trying to include a wider range of people at a nice spot. And AC could be a lot of fun afterwards as well… haha.

I’m from Maryland and definitely interested in making a meet up in the mid Atlantic. Got to get involved!

Don’t plant this with the day 1 expectation that it’ll be connected to the NIT, plan an event because you want to hang out with other folks from the Refuge. Plan a successful event first, and if works out and turns into a big event then maybe it’ll happen, but the minute we start planning events for the sole purpose of the NIT is the minute that refuge events stop being really cool things and start being weirdly competitive.


Yeah i see what you mean. No matter what happens, a bunch of us converging on Atlantic City seems like a good time.

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Anyway, @christopher - we have this thing here called the Royal & Ancient Club of Degenerate Golfers (RACDG), it’s one of the underlying backbones behind this place. It has regional subchapters - GB&I, Pacific Northwest, US Northeast. Recently my chapter (I am captain of New England) split out of US Northeast, as did Metro NYC and Philly/NJ. I think @Craigstands is the captain of that chapter.

Point is, we have these local chapters who will be your target audience. Heck, these smaller groups meet up frequently! The Metro NYC group is often lively finding small foursomes or consecutive groups on the weekend, and my New England group had a 16-person meetup a few weeks ago in Providence!

Reaching out to them, coordinating with them is going to give you the boots on the ground you need to turn this event from speculative into a real thing (* still may not give NIT spots, but, that’s not the point.).


Thanks for the info. That seems like the route to take then.


I’m always up for a bit of a road trip for a game, but it’s to meet new people and see new places. If I can make the day work I’m in

@christopher DM me your Details. I’m the captain and can get you involved in the Whats App as @Zocco has said we have looked into A.C.C.C before and I’ve talked to their people. We could get blocks of times or rent the place if we so choose for one of our RACDG meetups


@mgladdy check out this thread! You’re going to want to message @Craigstands to #GetInvolved


Lancaster PA area here. New to the refuge as of the new year. My wife @megangood and i would be all in for an event in the Philly/Jersey area to meet up with some other golf sickos to #getinvolved


That’s great! I know that place does plenty of rounds each year. Did they mention a time of year that would work best? Early season/late season?

ACCC sounds sweet and I’ve been wanting to play there. But if the goal is reaching as many “under-represented” folks as possible for a meet-up, wouldn’t South Philly/Wilmington make a lot of sense?

I don’t know the courses there and takes away the overnight destination vibe but it makes it much more accessible for a one-day round for a lot of people…Wilmington is 2 hours from DC (Baltimore obv. closer), Harrisburg and North-Central NJ.

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If we get enough people they will rent the whole course out (except some very early times reserved for member) and they will run all operations for us food, scoring, beverages, etc. smaller field would be better to just get 4 tee times or so and run it ourselves

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