Hey Everybody,

We are wading waist-deep into the NIT planning process. Please read below:

  1. If you have qualified from a Refuge-organized event or NLU-organized event, please open the following spreadsheet, find the appropriate tab, go to your event and user name, and indicate your status for the NIT as it stands now. What we’re after is those who know for sure if they can come and those who know for sure that they cannot come. For the latter, we will begin identifying and contacting alternates to fill spots from each event.


If you are 100% committed or still unsure, please keep reading to item #2

  1. @Privatecollection and I will be releasing a more detailed itinerary for the NIT next Friday, September 25th. While some of the minor details might still be TBD, the email will include financial considerations, timing of each day’s events (check in, golf, meals, etc), and links to hotel blocks in Jax Beach for the event, should you need one. If you RSVP that you cannot go, we won’t put you on the email list. Everybody committed and unsure will receive the email. As we go to alternates, we will contact you with the information and ask that you make a decision ASAP (probably within 72hrs or thereabouts, so we can go to deeper alternates if need be).

For those who have not qualified and are participating in upcoming events, please be mindful that NIT participation entails coming to Jacksonville Thursday, Nov. 5th and staying until Sunday, Nov. 8th. There will be short turnaround times for some of these upcoming events, so if organizers can stress to participants to be thinking about the NIT, we would really appreciate it.

So, in summary, see the link above if you have qualified thus far. Find your event and name and toggle your RSVP status to the appropriate setting. Next Friday, 9/25, we will send out a more detailed email with itinerary and information. Organizers and participants in upcoming events, please start planning and thinking about whether you can come to Jax for NIT should you earn a spot.

Thanks! Randy