NIT Qualifier Hoosier Day @ Harrison Hills Golf Club & Purdue Golf Complex 6/25 - 6/26

Yes! For Saturday, shotgun start at 12:30 eastern time. Food/checkin before hand.


I’m in!

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Is that not pushing it for 2 rounds of golf?

So the plan is to shotgun start the first one. Second round should be ok but we might be finishing up as it’s getting dark. I just didn’t want to set it too early for people traveling.

Date is too far out to fully commit but I would like to think I will be able to participate. Have not seen a NLU meetup near me so this would be great. Will be coming from the Louisville area, but in So. IN. Need to check off the Brick Boilmaker course anyway.

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Looking forward to it! The Kampen Course is top notch and Ackerman Allen is definitely underrated at Purdue.

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Any Fried Egg fanatics I think Tom Doak mentions a little bit about Harrison Hills. Saw it from the road and had to stop in!


To continue reco from a travel thread @Pinehurts, Trophy Club could be a great addition to this weekend or a separate weekend. Assuming most in this thread have seen it, anyone also love that gem?


If I can make this trip work out schedule-wise, i would take Friday off. Friday morning would drive, possibly Friday afternoon Trophy club round. Might be a fun add on.

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I’ll see if I can convince the wife we need to make an Indy visit before a Chicago wedding that Saturday. Bummed to miss the Harrison event but would be cool to meet some Hoosier Refugees

Good lord, didn’t realize how good the golf was in Indiana. Was going to add on French lick on this trip but IU and notre dames courses look great. Also chariot run as well as trophy room and Indy has some great courses as well.

Notre Dame course is so good.

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Def play ND. Pfau needs two years for fescue to grow in properly. Smyers created a fuggin challenge but it’s not ready for anyone beyond a six HCP

Good to know. . . looks like I’ll check out the Ross course depending how well I’m hitting’em. Nd sounds like a definate.

Seconded. Played Burke last year, was a treat. Shortish drive for me so I’m in whenever. I owe @BabblingBrooksKoepka as well so that gives ya 2 Refugees to play with!

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That’s a pretty obscure road to be on if you’re not already headed to Harrison Hills…

Going to post about this soon on golfindy, but we’ve got the best overall ranking of Campus Courses as well as the second best in Casino Courses. Not to mention the Pete Dye Golf Trail.


I played Belterra on a mini golf trip in September. Fazio to the max, but I liked it.

Playin in an event in June at French Lick, and very hype. Does anyone know if the Ross course is still in good shape? It’s one at Ross two at Dye.

I’m very interested. When will you need a firm commitment?

It was as of the summer of 2019. All tournaments this year were cancelled so haven’t been there since then. Don’t see any reason why they’d let that course go…