Music Suggestions 2 - driving fast in my car

I’ve been playing the 90’s Spider-Man cartoon as background TV the last couple of nights so that
“Spiderman. Spiderman. Radioactive Spiderman” really slaps.

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New Pusha is out of this world. It’s just a lighter-tone Daytona and is better for it


I’m going to inject this thread with a little bit of metal until I am asked to stop.

Metal Musings 4/22/2022

Why not start with something approachable? I started down a modern thrash and power metal rabbit hole and came upon the band Falconer. Their self-titled album from 2001 is peppered with catchy riffs, melodic leads, and surprisingly a classical-sounding singer. Mindtraveller was the first song to hook me, but Lord of the Blacksmiths is today’s feature.

When the winds sing laments of times long gone
Where the elves dance their dances of solitude
Hearken to the mountain
Can you hear the echoes of the hammer’s beat from deep within the shadows?

No but I can sure as hell picture this in my mind’s eye.

Oooooh oooooohhooooohh oooooohhh

Aright I’m in.

The lord of the blacksmiths keeps forging on through the endless time
Master of the anvil alloys the metal with an essence of magic

Siiiiick. The classic feel good sunshine opening riff really drew me in, and the landscape he paints is fun to imagine. Bonus anvil sound effects in the late chorus.

It has been on repeat all day, production is insane throughout.

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I havent heard Falconer in a while. Pretty good stuff for sure.

Jammed some The Foreshadowing and Katatonia today. Brought me back to being 25 driving my old Explorer down Highway 1 with the windows down going to Grand Isle…

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Saw them live tonight in TO.

  • Come on Eileen
  • Sweet Caroline

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I just rhymed Caroline with Eileen

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Can you imagine writing something like this? Something so beautiful? And you did it all back when you had to play it for people to show it to them and they’d hear it once or twice in their life, but they’d have that memory forever. It wouldn’t be some fleeting tap on their phone, it wouldn’t be playing over their grocery shopping, it would be a moment that they sought out and, if the music grabbed them, they’d remember it, in that exact moment, until they couldn’t remember anymore. They’d go and see someone perform this piece because of that memory and they would maybe never hear it again in their entire lives. Yet this song remains and we can access 50 versions of it with the click of the button. It plays over sad things on TV. We move past it until it resonates.

Fuck, is music incredible. Can you believe how lucky we are to experience this? This song was written in 1801, 221 years ago. Think of all the incredible songs that were written back then we don’t hear anymore. The plays, the thoughts, the people. Yet this remains.



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Can you imagine the aristocracy sitting down for a night at the symphony and getting their wigs blown off by these songs?


I’ve listened to this song probably 10+ times in the last 2 days.

I’ve never been a big Incubus fan. I didn’t dislike them, but rarely would they be on a playlist I made.


This is a fucked up music video. Used to give me the creeps. Still kind of does. I do love this song and was a big Incubus fan up through Morning View and then kind of drifted away from them once Dirk Lance left the band.


Here for The Cult. The opening act was very sludgy but closed with a Stone Roses song. So all is not lost.

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The Cult.

I will say, the Mission Ballroom in Denver is a sweet place to catch a show. Space. Bars. Clean bathrooms.


Howdy music suggestions thread peeps, been a while. I’ve been listening to a lot of soft stuff recently. My wife and I are going through a bit of a rough patch. This song hit me super hard.