MN Event: North Star Shootout - 8/15/20 - ***CHARITY UPDATE IN POST 1082***

A ton of courses have passes and public memberships. Keller has a card, Stoneridge has a public membership, Troy Burne has a card and public membership, Braemar has a card, baker national has a card, inverwood has a super cheap public membership and card option.

Not sure how much work you have done or what deal you are looking for exactly but i think alot of public courses offer a players card in somesort

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I did a membership at Crystal Lake for two years…$1500 for unlimited golf and cart. If you’re willing to put up with packed tee sheets and slow rounds, there are plenty of season long public options.


I did know about the Ramsey County Card. I maybe should have said that was the best deal I have turned up.

I guess for me it is probably a combo platter of me expecting a better deal and me just wanting something closer to my house. All of those courses you listed are minimum 20-30 minutes from my place. I am probably expecting too much. Definitely appreciate the recs tho, I will dig into more of those.

Where do you live?

Are you in the south Metro? I heard Inverwood is offering a deal right now $350 for 3 years if you live in Eagan or IGH i believe.

My brother’s in-laws jumped all over that deal 3 years ago. It’s a hell of a deal. Looks like anyone can do it starting Sept 10.

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That’s for the St. Paul courses, I’m pretty sure most courses have some type of membership.


YES! Ok this is what I have failed to find for St. Paul in my early research! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


I’ll be pulling the trigger on the Ramsey County card for Keller or a Stone Ridge membership next year. The Keller option is growing on me as its about half the distance for me as it is to Stone Ridge. Plus frees up a little more cash to potentially do the Northland CC national membership.

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I have that inverwood card. It’s a great deal but I live too far away now for it to be good for me. If you want it you need to buy it earlyyyyyyy on the tenth. I bet they will sell out super quick. They did last time. I liked it while I lived close tho.

Any thoughts on how it is for getting tee times with that pass? Also, I have never played the course. Could you provide some insight as to comparable courses in the metro?

It’s a comparable course to other public courses in its price range. It’s probably not my first choice of where I would play in the southern metro but I do like the course a lot. I also love the par 3 course they have. I didn’t use the range much but it might always be mats. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I never had an issue getting tee times in the past. But I used it when I decided I wanted to play that day so I’d just find a tee time that worked a few hours before I played. So I’m not sure if they have restrictions for how far out you can get tee times. However, I haven’t played it once this year because they have been booked completely solid every day I’ve looked. And that’s weekdays sometimes just looking for a 4 or 5 pm tee time. Covid has done really well for them #shrinkthegame. The best part about the inver pass tho is they don’t make you pay the cart fee. Every other membership of this type I’ve seen requires it wether you are walking or riding.

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Re: the course - different than most muni’s I’ve played in the area. Conditioning is always between above average and good. It’s wooded and not much going on around it so it’s a nice (but hilly) walk.

Only thing against it is it’s a lot of “target golf” lined with dense woods. Will comment that I did see them doing tree removal over the last year…however haven’t been back this year so not sure the extent to which this has changed.

To @chefcycle’s point ---- tee sheet is normally FULL. I live in the area and it was historically my “short notice go-to”, however it’s tough to get on unless you make a tee time 5+ days in advance (I think their pass only allows 3 days in advance).

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Would love feedback, good or bad.

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At some point here I will be sharing it with my Dad. Likely over his version of a Gimlet.

Which is basically Vodka on the rocks and the smallest amount of Rose’s lime. He may toss a cocktail onion in, I would opt for more lime Juice because I am a child :joy:

I will report back once we do.

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@jimithng23 @Snellspace @JScore @Taylorda

@Camilo is on to something with that sourdough stuff


Only a double? Ya gotta pump those numbers up!



It’s a game changer @Battisstatus. Glad you’ve seen the light.


Home and home series anyone?

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