MN Event: North Star Shootout - 8/15/20 - ***CHARITY UPDATE IN POST 1082***

The membership committee will take your application under consideration. I believe we are currently underrepresented as it relates to the Duluth/North Shore area, so one point for you.

The membership committee has decided to temporarily approve your application, upon review of your answer to this question:

Say you live in Eden Prairie and a friend has invited you to their cabin near Gull Lake on the 4th of July. Another friend asks where you’re going for the 4th…what’s your reply?


If we are worried about mosquitos at 11:30 we have serious issues!

Count me in! Signed up on the spreadsheet. Ill be in Okoboji, IA at the family lake house the week before, so driving up from there will be a snap.


If it was up to me, any and all lumberjacks would be welcome.

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Greyhounds, or Hornets?


Correct answer, no one likes Edina, and the committee will look fondly upon your answer.


This is included the c suite

My brother-in-law is a cop for the County down there. Place gets lit on weekends in the summer. Both my wife and I have done ride alongs with him, and always end up with the craziest stories from them.


Okoboji is wild and intense. We’ve had a house there on the lake for about 15 years now. I love it, but I have had a few run in’s with some of the “locals”.

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There’s gonna be a Refuge generated logo, right? I mean, the North Stars logo is an all-timer, but c’mon. this isn’t Reddit.

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Well guys, as luck would have it, I MIGHT be OUT for this event. AGH! My wife gently reminded me that we are taking my father in law to the Field of Dreams game between the White Sox and the Yankees. Now, the game is on August 13th, but I might have to do some negotiating to be able to drive up the 14th or early on the 15th for the shootout.

My father is a HUGE Yankees fan, and we surprised him with tickets to the game as a thank you for paying for our wedding. LOL.

For now, keep me in but will obviously let everyone know once we get to about June or so.


Holy hell…you were able to get tickets!?

Will this event end up in Dallas due to lack of support?


Yeah. Well, a promise of tickets! Lucas Giolito is a friend and regular of the restaurant I work at. I asked him about the possibility of tickets, and that it was a thank you gift to my father in law, and he said he would get me 4 tickets for the game. Ha!


Ay @jbrooks

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This needs waaaayyyyy more likes.

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I mean…watching Mike Modano win the Stanley cup was gratifying and all but it just felt a little wrong…