Mistletoe Masters Raffle - Having a dart after EXTREME LOAD!

Welcome to the official thread for the Mistletoe Masters Raffle. Open to ALL refuge posters! We have lots of great prizes that we hope you are excited about. Raffle tickets will be available for just one dollar per ticket and buy as many as you want. If your raffle ticket is picked then you will enter the prize pool and select your prize. Once you win then you are out since we want as many people to go home with something. You will need to be present to win on Wednesday night. Once the winner is announced you will have five minutes to claim your prize from the pool, so keep those phones handy.

Most important every single dollar raised will go towards Toys for Tots of Atlanta. Families are struggling more than ever with this tough year and also donations for all charities have been down as well, so we would really love to make a big impact.

Venmo: andrewvess (my picture is a black dog)
Paypal: avess325@gmail.com

Please let me know your refuge name somehow whether its through the cash app or you DM me here.

Enough talk. Now the prizes

100 dollar gift card donated by NLU. Thank you @MerchCzar
A full collection of Tom Coyne authored books each autographed by the man himself
A one of a kind Frankenstein driving iron custom made for the winner by @gatorz7888
A Precision Pro NX9 Slope kindly donated by @methridge
Leather driver headcover donated by Dormie Workshop
Wool driver headcover donated by Reinland golf
Set of custom ferrules donated by Boyd and Blade
Collection of golf books
Augusta Masters golf tote
Jones Utility Scout duffle bag in black. Thank you @tylernichols91
4 MYSTERY BOXES!!! Retail 50 dollars each. NO RETURNS. FINAL SALE.
One of a kind pin flag for the Mistletoe Masters tournament
One dozen TaylorMade golf balls either TP5/Tp5x. Winners choice. Donated by the great @Big_RanDeer
Fore Ewe & MacKensie package
Dinner at Bonefish Grill (gift card) Donated by @PGA_ALLTHEWAY
Set of lefty Mizuno blades again by @PGA_ALLTHEWAY
Bradley putter care of @RangerB
KVV book donated by @cav007
Round for 2 at White Bear Yacht Club in Dellwood, MN
Headcover from @Geaugolf nother headcover from @Geaugolf
Fore the Ladies package including hat, towel, and t-shirt
Vokey SM7 58 degree wedge donated by @lazyjk
An incredible amount of holiday baked goods by Chickphila
Baked goods by Carolyn Zacharias
100 dollar sweetens card by avess
Metal Madness package feat Metallica DVDs and Motley Crue vinyl by Chickphila
Sub 70 gift card for 75 dollars
Set of Golf Pride grips and putter grip
Dozen golf balls of winners choice donated by Fasteddie64
Buck Club Bucket Hat and a dozen premium balls by drv4show
Maybe a few more supplemental prizes to roll in later.



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This is why I continue to come back to this community.

Thank you, Andrew. Great work here.


If you are reading this and would like to donate something to the prize list please DM me!

And we’d really love some NON GOLF items too. Anything! More prizes the better.


NX9 !!!


get them dollars in folks, could get the deal of a lifetime.

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IN. Thanks all involved for this


Any idea on what time? Gonna be home anyways but wanna make sure I’m not in the middle of a game


Let’s Freaking GO … gift some toys to ATL’s tots!!


Starts at 7:30 pm


Sick idea man. Totally in. Thanks for putting this together


@avess just venmo’d glad to help out!


Had to WD from the event, but excited to support it via the raffle! The prizes look awesome, thanks to the guis who donated!


These brands have been super generous in thejr donations! Tom Coyne is even including a vocuher for A Course Called America!

The outpouring of support has been phenomenal.


Can I make the assumption winners will just be posted in this thread (sorry if that seems obvious, just want to know where to check).

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Maybe winners can get a text or something? 5 minutes seems like a tight timeline if you aren’t staring at your phone the whole time.

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Tix purch’d!

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Did i just make a reminder in my phone… yup


Sure. I’ll text anyone who wants. DM me.

Yes. All raffle action will take place in this thread.


I’m in. $ sent. Let’s go!