March Mudness Part Deux (Kankakee, IL): 2022, March 27 -

Yoooooo I’m all for a toque.

Love me a proper toque.

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Its an attitude play.



I barely even recognized you with the visor/stache combo at MP last year.

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i wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise, but a lot of talk this will be the tee gift…


Committee must have leaks.

What logo site did you use? This looks bad ass.

@RLSIII designed both logos

Hats by imperial.

Other merch general online swag sites


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Hey Teddy -

Can I sign up without being a Nest member?

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Late to the game here, I am interested in signing up and have been a Nest member. Not clear what to do with the GolfGenius link, it doesn’t take me anywhere. Bob BS aka LeftysLoose

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hey crew –

we are getting that precious newsletter bump.

the active thread is this one:

the field is currently full, but keep your eyes on that thread and we may have some last minute replacements needed.

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@TeddyPargame very late waitlister - just added on the report, I had no chance for 3/27 until something opened up and now I could go. I believe I entered my info on the right place, but if I didn’t please re-direct / correct me. Thx

PS also what tabs do I dump my info into, kind of confused at this point

If this holds a true Mudness it shall be.


69% chance of rain…Nice!


Thanks to all who bought shirts. We sold 30, with 50% of proceeds going to first tee. I donated the balance ($450) to first tee tonight.

If anyone else still wants one I have more!


POTUS should be landing at O’Hare around 11, then presumably taking Marine One to Kankakee.

Apparently he’s visiting with some local farmers, but my hunch is that he wants to tour one of the finest Elk’s Lodge in the the country.


Is the banner up? Any merch left in the shop?


Better hurry on his way

Damn it, I should have gotten on my roof to see if I could see them fly by

Instead of a horse they really should advertise the elks and mudness here