Lake Manassas Classic - May 11 Roost Major/NIT Qualifier (Registration Open!)

Cap GC’s 2024 Roost Major will take place on Saturday, May 11, at Stonewall Golf Club in Gainesville, VA, with tee times starting at 8:30AM. Stonewall is an excellent course on the shores of Lake Manassas—the same lake that you’ll see later this year when the Solheim Cup visits RTJ.

This will be a 2-person team event, with a 2-in-1 competition that we’re calling Friendly Fire. The main competition is 2-person best ball, with the top three teams qualifying for our end-of-season Cap GC Championship tournament. At the same time, you’ll be playing a match against your teammate. The player on the winning overall team who wins the match with their teammate will punch their ticket to the NIT! (Keep your wits about you regardless, as there may be some non-NIT incentives to win your match!)

Registration is open now! If you don’t have a teammate yet, don’t worry, you don’t need a teammate to register. Registration will be handled through Unknown Golf at the link below–payment details after the jump.

Unknown Golf Registration Link

The event fee is $140 which covers your greens fee, cart, range access, tee gift, and a charitable donation. Once you register, you’ll be placed in a waitlist pending payment. Once your payment is received, you’ll be moved to the full event roster and receive an email confirmation.

Also, if you want to join our Capitol GC group on Unknown Golf to get advance notice for future events, click here.

Please let me know if you have any questions! We’re looking forward to this event and think it will be a really special day.


Can non-Nest and non-CapGC members play? Also, are teams selected at random?


Teams aren’t selected at random unless you’re coming solo and don’t have a teammate in mind, in which case I will pair folks up in the week leading up to the tournament. If you have a teammate in mind, just let me know here or via the comments on the event registration page and I’ll get you paired up in the system! Non-Cap GC and non-Nest members are absolutely welcome!


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A couple more pieces of information based on questions I got from IG:

  • Register as an individual, not a team.
  • Price is $140 per player, not per team.
  • Entry Fee is refundable until April 1, at which point it becomes nonrefundable unless you can find a replacement for your spot.

Hope that clears some things up! If you have any other questions about the event don’t hesitate to ask in here or DM me


Hey folks!

If you’re registered, you should have received an email earlier tonight with a few logistics things.

  1. Check that email and confirm your team. If you didn’t receive an email but you think you registered, let me know ASAP.

  2. If you have a conflict and need to tee off earlier or later (we have tee times from 8:30 to 10:30), let me know and I’ll do my best to accomodate

  3. If you haven’t paid yet, please pay as soon as possible. I pay the course on Friday and if I haven’t got your money by then, you don’t have a spot in the field. If you’re not sure whether you’ve paid, or if you need payment details, just reply here or send me a DM.

Other than that, tee times and pairings will get sent out next week! Looking forward to it, y’all.


I’ve paid right? I’m a solo player and don’t have a current team :cry:


Yessir, you’re all good to go! You’re in the free agent pool and I’ll get you paired up if you don’t have any preferences

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Anyone but someone who yells fore on 4/20 and hates cgc merch :wink:


@RobertHunter, where’s the MERCH?


Packed up and ready to go!


Save me one damnit


We will have an announcement on that front later this week.