KWC Auction: Sarasota Double-Header with TB3

Auction thread for a threesome at both Sara Bay Country Club and Longboat Key Club in Sarasota, FL with The Silk Road God himself, @TB3Golf. All proceeds will benefit the Aaron W. Perlman Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

You can find event information here and we do have available spots! The Keyboard Warrior Classic 10/22/22 Cincinnati

Winner and two guests will play with our generous host on a mutually agreeable date in 2023. Caddies will be used and guests will cover ~$50 caddie fees.


FMV: $$$

Bidding will close at 09:59PM on Tuesday, October 18. Bidding starts at $200 and are to be bid in units of $10 ($210, $230, $300, etc). I will start with the opening bid.


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Thanks for hosting this!


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Nice! $600

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