KWC Auction: Round for 2 at Philadelphia Cricket Club

Auction thread for a twosome at Philadelphia Cricket Club (Wissahickon course). All proceeds will benefit the Aaron W. Perlman Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

You can find event information here and we do have available spots! The Keyboard Warrior Classic 10/22/22 Cincinnati

Winner and one guest will play with our generous host on a mutually agreeable date in 2023.

FMV: $300

Bidding will close at 09:59PM on Thursday, October 13. Bidding starts at $100 and are to be bid in units of $10 (110, 130, 200, etc). I will start with the opening bid.


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Would be a real shame if someone bumped this bid…


My companies us HQ is in KOP. So tempting to bump this and get work to pay for my flight…


Do it


Do it. Snippeeee the bid

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