How do you find other lone wolfs?

Pretty self explanatory.

I have the bug guys, it’s pretty bad, and just finalizing season 1 of Tourist Sauce doesn’t help at all!

While I have a group of friends who plays golf, they’re not really consistent, like to play once every 2 months and don’t really “get it”. I’m not a huge gambler but I really enjoy playing matches, even if it’s for $5. Imagine the look of my friends when I tried to pitch Wolf Hammer.

Do you have any suggestions? I want to get a gang going, hopefully go to Bandon in the future, dream about going to Tara Iti… Or do you just say fuck it and do it by yourself?

PS. @Rob_Roth and I have the Roll Call - San Diego going…so if you’re a local come join!

join a club? go to the local state open play days? sit at the bar at the course and make some buddies? i think there is also a golf friends app.

Yeah there’s a new golf buddies app called Grinder. For those who really like to grind and play good golf, check it out.


I think that app will definitely help him hook up with other dudes.


@tigersfirehydrant @Gary jerks, lol. @munihack7 I actually found yesterday a nice club called Nomads in San Diego. They play every other saturday and rotate on different courses. Seems promising, thanks for the suggestion!

Are golf societies a thing in the US like they are in Britain?

I have not done this, as I only recently discovered it, but I think the Mediocre Golf Association could be the answer for the mid- to high handicapper.

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Not like they have in the UK. Most large cities in the U.S. have golf associations but they are really geared for low single-digit handicaps. #GrowtheGame :roll_eyes:

That’s a shame. Though maybe an opportunity in there to start up one. Maybe even an NLU playing society with different chapters in different cities / states…


@Tron @Soly @Randy @djpie Anyone ever thought about this?

That’s kinda what we’re hoping the Refuge is. At least the beginning of that. A community of like minded golfers. We’re a long long way off from having the capacity (or the reach) to pull something like this off in different cities/states ourselves though.


Dream: Establish an online golf club.

Reality: Establish an online fight club!


Thought this thread was going to shift towards the joys of playing golf alone.

@enriquedlcm, Not sure how far it is for you, but I highly recommend Mandatory Golf Fridays at Goat Hill. Walk up, see Jay Montoya or Eli in the shop and you’re set. Good action. $1K on the line this Friday.

Also, RASDG Southwest has games occasionally in LA area. Gets WhatsApp and @bmr21 and the boys will keep you abreast of the games.


@Lazstradamus Goat Hill is not that far from me but unfortunately I’m stuck at the office till late in the afternoon on fridays.

Wow, this thread was abandoned a long time ago. It resonates with me though. I was in similar position, had a long weekend and called up Bandon Dunes to ask if they had a room that weekend (on a Tuesday for that weekend). They laughed and then checked and said amazingly enough they had a single room available. I booked it, then went looking for flights. I ended up getting paired with a group of guys (3) who were part of a larger group of 20 people. They invited me to join them for dinner, then at dinner suggested I change my tee times and join their crew. I got invited back on that annual trip every year, which had a rotating cast of characters, some of whom stopped going on that trip, but organized others. I now go on an annual trip to the UK with people I only know from that initial trip I took by myself. It has opened up other golf opportunities as well. I say go by yourself to destination golf without apprehension. In the very least, you will have a great time golfing, but very likely you will meet some cool people too,.