HIRF Auction : Round of Golf for 3 at Rockaway Hunting Club


Walk the grounds of the historic Rockaway Hunting Club with your host and two buddies of your choosing! The winner and 2 guests will play with our generous host on a mutually agreeable date in 2023.

I’ll place the first bid at $400

Bidding closes at 12PM on 11/1/22

Please do your best to keep your bids in $10 or 25 increments



Non Fuge - $600


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Love this! RHC is my fave course in the tri-state area

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Must not love it enough if you aren’t willing to bid on it…

I kid


Over Fishers? The apparel does not add up

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I don’t consider that the tri-state area. If my local news doesn’t discuss the weather forecasts on Fisher’s it doesn’t qualify. Even though we know it’s always sunny on Fishers Island, even when it’s not

One day remains. Bust out those wallets boys LFG!

If this gets to $1500, I’ll throw in quite the surprise for the winner.

@Double_Bogey_Dave Do your thing my good man!