HIRF Auction : Golf for 3 at Knollwood CC NY

Walk the grounds of the historic Knollwood Country Club with your host and two buddies of your choosing! The winner and 2 guests will play with our generous host on a mutually agreeable date in 2023.

I’ll place the first bid at $200

Bidding closes at 12PM on 11/1/22

Please do your best to keep your bids in $10 or 25 increments



Edit: Wait, is this how much I pay, or how much @HibernatingBear pays for my presence?


Anytime you want to come and play just let me know!

@Shortwaywrongway love that you’re bidding when you can play with me whenever you want. This guy loves charity!

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I’m not sure @HibernatingBear understands how a charity auction works. You’re supposed to drive UP the bids buddy…


You’re right, my apologies.

This is my home course and it’s one of the most underrated Westchester courses. Originally routed by Tilly and then the course was started by Raynor before he died. Banks took over and probably has most of his fingerprints on it, especially with the bunkers. The “signature” hole is 16 which is a phenomenal Eden and 18 is regarded as one of the best finishing holes in Westchester. The greens are subtle but will break your brain halfway through your first round there.

I’m not the one hosting (unfortunately) but get yourself involved and I guarantee a fun day of golf. I never get bored playing here!


Can second this an awesome track. In amongst the golf blue bloods of Westchester County, this course is just a great walk and a lot of fun holes. @HibernatingBear Was gracious enough to invite me to play a round there with him a lot of fun.


Gracious enough to let you kick my ass… again :rage:

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Let implies you had a say in the matter.


275 pesos

Reminder, bidding closes in 3 Hours!

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