Gearhart Regional (June 10-13, 2021) - The Crew Takes On A Late Spring Pineapple Express Storm

Officially locked down dates for the Gearhart event, which will have around 32 participants (wanted to do larger but need to keep it intimate and flexible owing to COVID protocols.

Thursday, June 10th - arrive at leisure into PDX (will likely try to arrange a shuttle if enough people arrive around same time) and cookout on the Clam Bed + big putting contest.

Friday, June 11th - 36 holes at Gearhart. McMenamin’s lunch on the back deck overlooking 1 tee. Dinner TBD that night.

Saturday, June 12th - Nine holes at Highland Golf Club, about a mile up the road from Gearhart GC. Awesome little nine holer. Then scoot down the coast for a nice 45 minute drive (via rented bus) to Manzanita for lunch in town and nine holes at Manzanita Golf Club. Back to Gearhart. Should be time for E9, putting, drinking, hanging out on the beach, exploring town, whatever you want. And then clambake/crabs on the beach that evening for dinner.

Sunday, June 13th - departure at leisure (again, will likely have a transportation option back to PDX for anyone leaving that morning). Can also stay over and play Gearhart or line up golf along the coast (Astoria anyone?) or in Portland.

Figure this schedule gives everyone maximum flexibility on both the front-end and back-end to make it into a bigger trip or be surgical and take the least amount of time off possible. Will likely run in the $750-1000 range all-in. We’re getting room blocks at the McMenamin’s on-site, the condos across the street, and some cottages down the street so there are various price-points and options for those wanting to stay with a group.

Look for registration info beginning of March - likely looking at a lottery system for this one based on the small size. Hoping to make this one into an annual event. May name it “The Clambake” - but figured I’d throw it out there to the group to riff.


Cannot express how enjoyable the town, the course and the people are at Gearhart.


I want to be there so bad. Fuck Covid


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I will be on a golf trip to Bend/Sunriver that ends the afternoon of June 10th. I have a month of begging/earning/bribing a 3 day extension of that hall pass so that I can enter the lottery.

Efforting begins now!


@Geaugolf FYI!


Given that I’m living in Gearhart for the month of June because I’ve never been to the West coast, I have a remote job, and the Tourist Sauce episode was too good, the Lottery Gods better be on my side for this one.


You know I’ll try to be there, TC

Also, love clambakes and just the word “Clambake.” If there isn’t a better name, let’s ride with it.

I think something related to the area could be cool and more fitting, though. Like “The Cannonball Clash” or something for Cannon Beach


The face when you see the Gearhart event is scheduled for the same weekend as the biggest am tourney in Central Illinois.


Goodness I hope Vaccines starts rolling out. This is my go to hotel when I’m out in Seaside for work…fingers crossed for all the lotteries!!

Shoutout to all the nature you can see from some of the rooms.

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@tball_1 we in?!

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Uhhhhh…that’s a FORE TIGERS sure!

I think I’ll have to come to this one… finally get to meet some of ya guys!!


I’m in for sure.



Living 2.5 hrs away and not getting to play would be gut-wrenching, who do I need to bribe?


Departure date is my wedding anniversary :grimacing:

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Man…I wasn’t even considering it. But the itinerary looks like a great time and it goes right over my birthday.

Ooh. Brother just moved to Seaside I’ll fasho be in the lottery


Great news, Tronaldinho.

Any requirements to be part of this lottery?