Fairway Fyre Fest

Putting together a Ryder Cup style event at my club in Sarasota. There will be 12-18 spots available for refuge members. Format is yet to be determined but a minimum of 54 holes will be played with a nice dinner on Friday night at the club and lunch on Saturday and an optional meal on Sunday.

The cost per round is 50% less if you walk and the weather should be ideal as I’m targeting early May.

Estimated Cost per player walking (food not included) - $200

Estimated cost per player riding (food not included) - $300++

These costs are not final, these costs are to show the savings.

Total cost will likely be around $500++

I can easily lock down a block of rooms as well as a house on property.

Full disclosure

There will be a non refundable deposit to lockdown the food, tee gift, golf, etc.

Please let me know if you are interested.


Something with a non refundable deposit called Fyre Fest.

I can’t see how this could POSSIBLY go wrong.

Just kidding but also can’t do it. Sounds like a blast though!


To be fair, I sent this to a group of college buddies who I know are degenerates lol

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Absolutely in for this

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Have had a few messages regarding the deposit and want to provide some clarity…

The deposit is going to be a very nominal amount that is ONLY non refundable if your spot is unable to be filled.

So…Not trying to be that guy. But 200 isn’t half of 300.

To be as clear as I can be, I was just being hilarious and snarky (said humbly). I don’t think anyone actually thinks you’re going to steal their money.

That is, unless somehow Ja Rule gets involved.


Depending upon the amount of rounds and caddies needed, the price will move in either direction.

@DombrowBryan can attest as our guest fee walking is roughly $35 and riding runs you about $80 after tax.

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Ironically enough there’s a guy who was a member at one time name Bill McFairlane :rofl:

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It’s also a very walkable course, especially for Florida. Everything there is top notch, including the cookies at the turn

Greatly intrigued my friend


You have my attention

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And for those asking about the name…

We are shutting down in June to completely regrass every inch of fairway turf so the course will be bakeeeed the F out at that time. Firm, fast, and Fyre swag



You better be there. Also, send me your address via text plz

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Updates coming soon. Prepare your anuses


Alright degenerates…

We have some tentative dates, but we need to come to a decision on a hard date due in part to the kill-off of the fairways. As stated earlier, we are shutting down in late May to regrass the fairways here at SBCC and that’s allowed us to pull this off. Below you will find potential dates for the event. Please vote on which works for you.

  • April 14 -16
  • April 28 - 30
  • May 12 - 14 Fairways will be on their last leg

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Very in for this


Hi all,

If you’re interested in playing, please shoot me a DM with your email address ASAP as emails on the event will go out this week.



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Hi All,

Wanted to provide an update here. We are going to push Fyre Fest into 2024 as the club has begun to administer the first round of chemical applications on the fairways. This will happen, and will likely be coordinated with @Big_RanDeer abandon dudes event in mind for the future so there will not be a crossover for those looking to travel down.