CINCY 3 Auction: One night stay at The Birdhouse (upstairs)

This is an auction thread for a one night stay at the Birdhouse (upstairs). See the attached buyer’s guide for more details.

Bidding will close at 11:59PM on Thursday, November 4. Bidding starts at $600 and are to be bid in units of $10 (110, 130, 200, etc). I will start with the opening bid.

for those in the know with Sweetens…when do 2022 passes go live online? I would love to spend some $$$ on this but sure would seem hard to coordinate

F it…620


I love that you talked yourself into this. I hope you win and can get sweetens day passes

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worst case I will just go and stay there and watch some golf and drink some bourbon and stumble back home alone…


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