Chile Pepper Classic - Albuquerque, NM | November 11

Day light ends at 5:04 with twilight until 5:31. I’ll need to leave at 5 anyway. I’ll think about options. Maybe @ComfyDouble and I play 18 in the morning and we get in 9 in the afternoon.

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I still gotta figure my stuff out. Work schedule is all up in the air.

I’ll be there and can play whenever. I’m game for a Friday morning round and playing 9 in the afternoon with the rest of the boys.

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I have our tee times booked for this Friday 11/10:

8:10 - Myself and @ComfyDouble at Arroyo Del Oso

2:30 - Foursome at UNM North

The booking window for Saturday opens tomorrow and I am planning on two foursomes at 8:30 (will cancel spots later once w heave final head count). If you are green you are one of the 6-7. @mflo do you know if you are for sure out?

Also tagging @BK34 for awareness!

What do people want to do Sunday?


I work at 3ish on Sunday so I can do a morning round!

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I would play in the morning too!

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I booked a 4some Sunday at Ladera at 8:10 for you all. I think that should be enough spots? Next opening was after 10.

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Sounds great thanks John!

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I’m down to play Sunday morning

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As I had feared, the Saturday morning UNM South/Championship tee sheet is a bit picked over from members who have advanced access. No consecutive morning times that will work for us. Howeva I did book some backup Saturday morning times at Ladera … but we will be teeing off at 7:30 and 7:40 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The 9 hole UNM North course is wide open in the afternoon so our plan should work:

18 holes of Quota or Tilt or Net Stroke play to determine seeding (Ladera morning)

9 hole matches to determine a winner and final standings (UNM North afternoon)

Any preferences for the 18 hole format?

The weather looks chilly but the courses come alive when it’s like this. It will be great after a few holes with the sun up on the sky. Maybe even a frost delay to help. I’ll book a UNM South tee time for Sunday morning when it opens up tomorrow so you guys don’t play Ladera twice (although it isn’t the worst backup option).

Cc: @DryHeat

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I was having some serious FOMO about missing this weekend, but seeing the tee times and temps :smirk: :cold_face: is helping a little. :joy:


Consider me aware!


Some mid-week short game prep


:heart_eyes: After playing the NIT on firm grainy Bermuda I am ready to open up this club’s versatility again.


Alright folks here’s the schedule for this weekend:
@ComfyDouble @Jpop942 @samba24 @Breakfast_Ball_Hite @BK34

8:10 - Arroyo Del Oso: myself and Ben
2:30 - UNM North: Ben, Jpop, Sam

7:30,7:40 - Ladera (all 6)

  • Quota or Tilt format?

1:30, 1:40 - UNM North (all 6)

  • Singles matches
  • if the course is empty we may be able to add on an internal 3 hole loop for 12 holes total

8:10 - Ladera (Jpop, Sam, Neil)

Does that look correct?

Here is where the sun is at 5:05pm:


Looks accurate on my end. Looking forward to getting out there and playing sweater weather/big mitts SZN golf. Appreciate you setting this up.

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Looks good to me. I’m game for whatever format. Haven’t played tilt, but I can learn. Very familiar w/ the quota format.

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Looks great to me. V excited over here!



Here’s a WhatsApp group for us:

Thanks everyone for coming out! I thought the courses really shows off what Albuquerque winter golf is about, with the exception of the weirdly wet and rough Ladera greens. I think the Friday morning snow and relative lack of sun threw things off there. I hope to see everyone soon, whether in Albuquerque or Phoenix next March. But also keep your calendars tentatively open for this time next year.

I mentioned a charitable cause and forgot to follow up, but if you like (optional) please shoot me $20 and I’ll make a singular donation to Animal Humane New Mexico in our roost name. Or feel free to do so on your own and DM me a receipt. Venmo: @jpmudrick (5517)