Charity Raffle for The Good, The Bad, and The UGA-ly 2022

Good afternoon everyone!

The Peachtree Collective is happy to announce the raffle for our summer major benefiting our friends at Fore The Ladies. If you haven’t heard of them check out here.

As someone who’s wife is just starting to get into the game of golf I can’t say enough about FTL. Their events are a blast for any women looking to get into the game. They host events for all skillsets from small clinics and lessons all the way to events at Pinehurst and Bandon Dunes.

Raffle Info

  • Anyone can participate you do not have to attended the event to win.
  • Tickets will be $5 per ticket with an unlimited amount.
  • Live drawing to be held before the event on 6/18 (date and time TBD)
  • Prizes are listed on the spreadsheet
  • If anyone wants to donate any items to the raffle shoot me a DM


  • All payments go to @quinnadamson on Venmo - Last 4 - 1076
  • Put down your handle and how many tickets you purchase on the spreadsheet
  • Only enter your handle for payment - DO NOT MENTION RAFFLE!

Let’s get this going fellas. Should have some exciting updates for you soon!


@PeachtreeCollective @PalmettoCannonCrew Raffle for our UGA event in a month. Message @GeneralQuinn if you are interested in donating any items to the raffle. Let’s raise money to #GrowtheGame, just don’t tell @Randy (though technically we are only growing the women’s game so I don’t think he would mind)


I was going to donate to the raffle, but now that I see that this is in an effort to #GrowTheGame, I will not be donating jack shit to this awful idea. That GolfNow/Cherokee Run tee time debacle would have never have happened if we put forth all our efforts to getting others to STOP playing. And I don’t want to hear about it growing the Women’s game as I’m a few years away from playing the Reds.


jk - I’ll donate :smile:


I’ve got an Old Try Augusta print to donate to the raffle


And I just saw this after I sent venmo
Yes, I am an idiot. Apologies @GeneralQuinn, I hope the Venmo Overlords overlook my payment


I have the same instructions for my raffle. Roughly 50% of the Venmo payments have come through with Raffle in the comments. I’m expecting to be served with legal papers any day now


Hello ladies and gentlemen – Hope you are all doing well on this fine Major Sunday. I am happy to announce that we have officially set the event time for a 9:00 am shotgun start on 6/18. The total cost will be $100, including all golf, tee gift, charitable donation, and a few other goodies we are working towards. Working on some potential apres golf activities as well as add on golf if people are interested.

Also, don’t forget to get some raffle tickets and venmo @general quinn for these! Some sweet items are going to go here including tickets to a UGA game. Will post photos at some point in advance of the auction.