Charity Duck Races Zoom link at bottom of thread. LFG!

Ever plan an event where you got way out over your skis and picked a terrible weekend? Did the event barely get off the ground? But, along the way were some first-rate fellow Refugees kind enough to donate their time and talents? What do you do? You race some damn ducks!

Thursday 8/25 at 9:30 EST we’ll be duck racing for the below prizes. 100% of the cash raised will be donated to the John Marshall High School golf program in inner-city Cleveland. My contact at the school has been the Athletic Director. He explained when we first spoke that the kids on the team are almost always new to the game, and have “decades-old equipment if they have it all” He told me about a lefty on last year’s team they especially had a hard time finding clubs for. He was beyond appreciative that we would do this.

Ducks are 10.00 each. Or increase your odds by donating more. Three ducks for 25.00 or seven for 50.00. Winner of race one picks/his her prize, gets that duck removed, and we go on down the line.

@Geaugolf headcover. Brenda is the OG of the Refuge handmade headcover game. She’ll work with the winner to pick fabrics and colors.

@nohio headcover. John burst onto the headcover scene in January with his epic laundry bag turned headcover masterpiece. He also can convert a flag or jersey into a driver, fairway wood, or hybrid cover. Or, pick a fabric from

3 guest times at Oberlin GC, hosted by @waver82. Fellow big fan of this course, @quicktempo describes it as “A truly classic ‘golf’ club with no frills or tricks, just provocative golf. 18 unique and subtle but not easy greens that will make you think on and around them. As you leave the course you’ll drive past #1 and immediately want to play again”

Odyssey White Hot #7 Stroke Lab putter, brand new. Donated by a friend of the program. Available in either RH or LH.

@flanwilder has added new acrylic bag tags and markers to his offerings at Buckeye Tags. Saw version 1.0 in person and they are :fire:! Custom tag and marker package to a race winner.

A pair of guest greens fees courtesy at Canterbury GC, of @clevelandgooner. This will be for a round in 2023. Guests to be responsible for their caddie/cart fees.

Today I had the pleasure of checking out Western Birch’s Cleveland production site. Very small but really cool. Donated a pretty sick package of seven boxes of tees, a hat, and an XL T-shirt. Picture down the thread!

Link to the spreadsheet is below. Craic on!


Couple thoughts, take them or leave them:

  1. Happy to donate a headcover and work with the winner to make them something custom!
  2. Maybe push this back a few more days to give it time to gain traction. X-post to other roosts?
  3. Universal duck and list out the prizes to the first 5 or whatever ducks?
  4. Are we allowed to duck race?
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This a hard, hell yeah!
Allow me a few hours to ponder the other suggestions. Posted it to the main events thread, so everyone, regardless of paywall status, can see.

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In for a quacker. Love me some duck racing.

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After consultation with some of the OG duck racing admins, we will indeed be going with universal ducks. And shit yes, you can buy some!

@BK09 in for 3 ducks. Quack on!

A putter and duck racing. Oh and raising money for charity.


Has this race taken place yet? Too late for me to join?

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Nope! Next Thursday the 25. Water’s warm, as I’m told that’s how ducks prefer it.

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@CDHICKEY21 and @mstork have splashed on in. Chris, I added you to the sheet so you’re all set. Thanks gents!


We’ve added a custom bag tag and ball marker package to the prize chest. Courtesy of @flanwilder. I’ve seen these in person and they’re pretty sick.


Exciting duck race news! @clevelandgooner has donated two guest greens fees at Canterbury GC. Guests responsible for their caddie or cart fees. Ducks are available until 5:00 EST this Thursday 8/25. This will be for rounds in 2023.

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@papateeps waddling in to get onto Canterbury! Thank you sir! Same for @zoltan!

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in for 3 ducks, but if my duck wins for the rounds of golf please give it to the next person… Ohio is not on the trip itinerary for a few more years

Try to join the zoom if you can. So you can pick your prize. I’ll post the link a few minutes before we start. Whoever wins the first race picks their prize. Then we remove the winning duck, run again and that winner picks, and so on.

If anybody knows that they cannot make the zoom, feel free to DM me a list of your preferences, and I can try to adhere to that as closely as possible.

More importantly, thank you for splashing on in!


@jsauce is in. Littles helping littles. IYKYK!

Let’s go! :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Live look at @holdencc splashing in with seven(?!?) ducks!



Come on in, the water’s fine!


Welcome to the race Captain @jgolf1 and @Browcoww77. Mark’s duck would throw bows, if it had them, for a chance to play Canterbury.