Central Pennsylvania (PA) Thread


Are you close to the Dell?? I live on #6 at CCC.


ah awesome-- looks fun! i want to do an under-the-radar golf tour of PA. the place i play the most on the eastern side is sawmill outside of easton. another homemade type, not the best conditions but really fun to play. $20 all day walking rate


I’m about 1 hr away in the York area. Honestly have never been to the Dell but it’s on my list.


My list of East/Central PA courses I want to get to in 2019 is ridiculously long. The weather in 2018 was so pathetic, I only made it out to 2 or so.

From Lancaster Online:

If it feels like it rained a lot on weekends in 2018, it did

It rained a lot on weekends. 12.77 inches of rain fell on Saturdays in 2018, the rainiest day of the week. In 2017, that number was 9.63 inches.

There were 24 rainy Saturdays in 2018 , which tied with Fridays and Tuesdays. But on Tuesdays, 5.44 inches fell, making it the driest day of the week.


Honestly did not remember Pen-Del, or even know of Hamlin, very cool.

Never played Concodell, but right up the road is Caledonia and that is a quirky course with a mix of medium length holes and elevation changes. Monterey CC is another 9-hole short track between Gettysburg and Waynesboro. Never been there.

I’ll add Tree Top to this list, even though it’s the only course in Lancaster County I’ve not played. Another Lancaster short course is Evergreen, and you can see some real characters there. RIP to Willow Valley, now just seven holes long just south of Lancaster city.

Spring Creek in Hershey is a nine-holer that’s probably borderline for this category. Liberty Forge might fit this mold too, but I haven’t played there.

Even beyond this group of course is pitch-and-putt places. Beaver Bend, Anchored Golf Course, New Holland Park (9 holes) and Evergreen (they have an executive and par-3 course) are just a few, don’t know of too many towards Carlisle/Chambersburg.

IMO, Westview Golf Course in Akron and Springside Golf Course in Reinholds are the best par threes around… Springside even has lights for night golf in the summer.


I’ve played Liberty Forge a couple times, and it’s a little more upscale. Not necessarily in terms of price ($20 walking rate) but in terms of conditioning. There is a lot of retaining walls and the typical “upscale golf course flowerbed landscaping”. That said, it’s still a fun course to play and a great place to work on your long irons/hybrids/fairway woods as there are several par-4s in the 225-260 range.


wow!! thank you so much, going to dive into all these!


haha that’s kind of crazy!


Anyone ever play South Mountain? Little dog track not to far east of Penn National.
Nothing special, but I’ve had some good times there with buddies.
It’s 9 holes, walk it twice for $14 on weekends. :joy:


LANCO Golf posted the 2019 schedule on their Facebook page:

May 4th - Two-man Scramble Championship @ Meadia Heights
June 21st and 22nd - Amateur Championship @ Bent Creek
July 6th and 7th - Better-Ball Championship @ Foxchase
July 19th - Open Championship @ Crossgates
August 2nd and 3rd - Match Play Championship @ Conestoga Country Club
August 18th - LANCO/York/Harrisburg Mid-Amateur Championship @ Cool Creek (YORK/LANC/HBG rota)
September 19th - Senior Championship @ Pilgrim’s Oak
October 5th and 6th - War of Roses @ Lancaster Country Club

Usually you can sign up for these come April through their website https://www.lancogolf.com/.

Will also post Harrisburg and York schedules once they come out.


Thanks for posting, I saw that on their Facebook post this morning, and already have a couple in the calendar. Are you going to be doing any of them?
Why must The Lanco Open be at Crossgates? :expressionless:


I’ll probably be doing a few this year. With the War being at LCC, that’s somewhat motivating. Getting the chance to play Bent Creek in the Am is nice too, have only ever played there once.

Pilgrim’s Oak had the Am, Highlands hosted the scramble and Overlook had the Open last year, so as far as Crossgates being the host for the Open there probably weren’t too many other choices. Tanglewood would be the other, but they’ll likely get something in 2020. Solid schedule IMO, even with Crossgates in there. A LANCO course hosts the Mid-Am next year too, so it should be two pretty good years back to back.


I’m going to do as many as I can. I doubt I have the game to be a serious contender for the War, but I really want to play more organized golf. My first Lanco event was the Open last year, I was going through some swing problems at the time (more than normal) and it didn’t go to well. Got to improve this year.

I have the AM and the Open on my calendar. One of my challenges; my wife and I own a wedding photography business, which obviously means a lot of weekends booked. Bummed I won’t be able to make the match play at Conestoga, I like the course.

If any refugee wants to go in on the two-man scramble, I’d be game for that.


I was inspired by this thread to make a map of coursed played. My nationwide list is not very impressive, but this is a snapshot of the PA area.

I have lived here 10 years now, time to start branching out. Really looking to march towards Philly this year, so much good golf in the main-line area.


So many great courses in the Philadelphia area. I work in West Chester but drive past Wyncote and Chesapeake Bay on my way home - great courses! (and $15 all you can play from 5pm on during the summer at Wyncote). As mentioned, tough to beat Glen Mills, Broad Run, Honeybrook and Inniscrone. Plus some nice tracks down in the Wilmington area too. Let me know if you want to meet up after the snow melts. Also, I see you’re a wedding photographer in Lancaster - My wife and I got married at the Drumore Estate a little over a year ago.


Very cool! We have shot many a wedding at Drumore, great place!
Wyncote is awesome, I played it this past fall, but the weather was miserable, and the course was soggy. Need to go back. Glen Mills is a must on my list this year, Inniscrone and LuLu if possible.
I will keep you in mind, would love to get out! :+1:


wow that’s one nice looking golf map! i love coming down to that part of pennsylvania, would be so into exploring the golf around there if you ever want to play! &if you ever want to venture north of philadelphia i’d love to meet up for a round… one of my 2019 goals is to check out the robert white and william/david gordon courses around, there’s a bunch and i’ve only played a few so far


Absolutely, hit me up if you are down this way. :+1:
I didn’t realize William Gordon designed Hawk Valley, I have played that one a bunch of times, but not recently.
Kinda sad, they ran out of money and ended up bulldozing the back 9 to make way for more housing. I should go back and play the front again and see what shape it’s in.


Looks like this is the only Pennsylvania thread, so jumping in. Has anyone played Buck Hill Falls Golf Club? Just got invited to a friend’s charity outing in August, so of course I’ll spend the rest of the day looking for info on the course. Donald Ross, looks tree-lined but promising.


near the top of my list of places to get to this year, looks awesome