Central Pennsylvania (PA) Thread

Just looking to start a dialogue between golfers in the Harrisburg/Lancaster, PA area. Feel free to post course reviews, suggestions and even links to tournaments in the area.


I’m heading to Carroll Valley in March to play a weekend. Played there last year and the weather was great, and the course was interesting. Fun little weekend buddies trip and great staff too.

Carroll Valley is on my to-play list around here. Have drove past it and thought the layout looked fun. Links at Gettysburg and Caledonia are the only two courses around Gettysburg I’ve played. Would love to cross Penn National and Whitetail off my list out that way too.

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Awesome, thanks for starting the thread! I live in Lancaster City.
I would love some course recommendations as well. Unfortunately, it feels like there are not many great options right in Lancaster, unless of course you have Lancaster CC membership cash. I frequent Overlook for weekday practice or a quick nine, but if I want a good day of golf I head up to Iron Valley in Lebanon.

Has anyone played Royal Manchester Links recently? I love links golf, but have not made it out there yet.

Just played RM last October, was in amazing shape considering they lost all the greens a few years back. IMO, that’s the best public course in the area, just getting there can be a bummer from spots. Worth the trip if you haven’t played it.

I live in the Centerville area and usually do a few rounds at IV every year (including the two-rounds in one day spring tourney); agree with you on the Lanco public stance. Foxchase is probably my fave public track in Lancaster, Honeybrook and Fairview are good too if you want to go just a little further.

Interesting, I will have to make it out to RM this spring.
Yes, I do like Foxchase. I used to live in Ephrata and would play that often. I do find they tend to overload the course on the weekends, so the 5h round is not unusual, but that can happen anywhere these days.

Any details on the IV spring tourney? What format?

They have two: One is an early round at Fairview (2 best balls of foursome), and then they split into three flights for an afternoon 4-man scramble at Iron Valley. Usually in April, comes with decent tee prizes and food.

The second is in May, two rounds at IV with the same format. We did this last year and it was about 50 degrees and raining all day… went through three rain jackets and felt like I had hypothermia for three days afterwards.

Keep your eyes on this link: https://www.ironvalley.com/golf/upcoming-events

Thanks, I will keep an eye on that.
I would also love to find stroke play tournaments in the area, but I starting to realize a 10 handicap will not cut it for most of them.

I live 15 minutes east of Lancaster, and over the years have played all the usual tracks around the city (Crossgates, Four Seasons, Overlook, The Host, Fox Chase, Hawk Valley, Tanglewood, Pilgrim’s Oak) as well as courses in western Chester County (Moccasin Run, Broad Run, Honeybrook).

I joined Honeybrook as a member for last season and it was a blast. It’s only 20 minutes away for me, and I really like the course. Great to see other NLU fans from Lancaster County here!

I have a buddy that lives two minutes from HB; great course, we get to play there a bit. I’d have never experienced courses like Broad Run, Downingtown, Moc Run, Inniscrone and Wyncote if it were’t for him living down that way. Go ahead and add Applecross to that list if you know someone.

It’s a shame that places like The Host and The Hawk have fallen on hard times; they were great places to play back in the day. I’m 33 and haven’t played Tanglewood since my senior year of HS, surely on my list in 2018.

That’s about where I’m at and amateur golf is so good in this county that you’re exactly right. Have you ever seen this site?


I played in the two-man scramble a few years back and we shot 64… good enough for second place in the second flight. Disgusting.

Yeah I have been on there and checked a few out. At this point it is difficult for me to shell out the cash for an event I have no shot at winning. I’m only 29, so hoping I have some time to work on my game and get close enough to enjoy some of these events. Easier said than done though, probably need to be a 1-5 handicap. No small task when you don’t have access to unlimited golf and a trackman. lol

It is a little weird that these scratch golfers are showing up at charity 4-ball and shooting -18. Let us have our chicken BBQ and gift certificates! :grin:

After being a member for a year: Thoughts? Get you money’s worth?
I am toying with the idea of joining Media Heights, as it is 2 min from my house. Pricing is a little tough to swallow, but I hear they are hurting for members, so they have been lenient.

I loved my first year as a honeybrook member. I was 40 last year, so I just squeaked into the 30-40 y.o. rate, which was $1900 for unlimited range balls, golf any time M-F, and after noon on Sa and Su. This year it’s a few hundred dollars more since I’m in a new age bracket, but still worth it to me. I joined solely for the golf, but the guys there are great, so that’s been a plus. And playing GAP Matches, Member-Guest, Member-Member, and Ryder Cup matches was all fun too.

btw, that membership plan is only $1240 for 19-29 year olds: https://www.honeybrookgolf.com/members/2016-membership-plans

I’ve got a buddy who has been a member at Meadia Heights for a couple years and he likes it there, not sure what there rates run though.

Played RM just earlier this month and it was in in great shape considering it’s middle of winter. Fescue is down and greens were running with decent speed. Plus the price is right this time of year. I agree that it is the best public course in the area, with Dauphin Highlands up there and Iron Valley as well.

I play Dauphin Highlands most frequently and highly recommend it if you get the chance to play there.

Dang that is a great price. That would be a no-brainer for me, but it’s over 45 min from my house, so it does not make sense.
Media is asking 240/mo for my age, plus a nice list of fees on top. (range, cart, USGA handicap)
I would have to be out there all the time to get my moneys worth. Sounds like a plan!

Here is this year’s tournament schedule for Royal Manchester: http://www.royalmanchestergolflinks.com/events/tournament-schedule/

Summer solstice tourney looks like a long, fun day of golf.

That is a great list of events! Summer solstice would be fantastic.
I will be making it out to RM a few times this year for sure. One of my personal golf goals is to one day play in the War Of Roses.

Hey guys, if you are not headed out to golf this weekend, something is wrong in your life. The weather is flawless, and I have a mid-afternoon tee time Saturday at Royal Manchester Golf Links. If any NLU’ers want to join, shoot me a message! :sunglasses:

I used to work at Carroll Valley back in the day, but at the Mountain View course. Both are great courses - Most people liked Carroll Valley, but I preferred Mountain View. The front is more wide open, then the back takes back through the woods and is a little more challenging.