Central Pennsylvania (PA) Thread

As Proff22 said, buy an extra sleeve of balls when your at the pro shop. The long stuff is insane and balls literally just disappear.

Awesome course and very different from other courses in the area.

…Shout out to The Faz on the 18th hole waterfall.

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Always interesting to see what qualifies as Central PA! Anyway, first time visiting the thread. Live in State College. I saw lots of talk about Toftrees, PSU courses and Skytop above. It has been a while since I have played any, honestly since Covid and the lack of charity events. Member at Centre Hills so do virtually all my local play there.


Thanks for all the tips on Royal Manchester. Definitely lost a few balls but luckily was hitting it pretty well. Think I ended up finding 3 good balls for every one that I lost so came out ahead in the end.

Definitely enjoyed a ton of the holes out here, and got paired up with some locals to show me around some of the blind shots. Will definitely go back when I’m back in the area.


Hey Nestors! Thought I’d share that Tom Coyne has kids at our school and has agreed to give a talk! Check it out and feel free to stop by…


Hey MJF, also checking in from State College!

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Hello from a fellow (I’m assuming) Bellefonte-ian (Bellefonter?). Nittany is a pretty fun little course. I think my favorite course in the area is Mountain View in State College. Hit me up if you’re ever looking to get out for a round. I haven’t found much of a like-minded golf crew in the area.

How is Centre Hills? I’ve played the “new nine” about 10 years ago but haven’t played the original layout.

And we are still calling the “new nine” the “new nine” after 30 years. Officially it is now the Clark 9 but that name is rarely used. The 18 layout is good. It is actually a front 9 built in 1921 and a back 9 built in the 1970s so the feel of each is different. Things are good – we seem to be actively removing trees each winter now. I am not sure it is strategic or the fact many are dying. We got a new superintendent in 2020 and he has done some nice things in terms of playability and maintenance. The par 3s still kick my ass most days.

I’ve only ever known it by the “new nine” name. I didn’t realize it had been around that long!

Anyone in here planning on trying to get involved with the Roost stuff here?

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I joined the Philly Roost. Not sure how many events I will make, but it’s an excuse to try and get out to play more. No intentions of trying to be competitive.

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Plan on doing the same LOL need to get out after this sub zero weather stuff is gone. I cannot wait to see green

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I will be down to head your way for a match play lol

I joined the Philly Roost too but not sure yet how much I will be able to participate.

Great thread.

I live in Schuylkill County and it’s nice to see a thread of some local people and courses. If you haven’t played Blue Ridge Trail yet I highly recommend it it’s only a short drive up 81 and it has 27 of the best holes I’ve ever played for a public course with a great practice facility.

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Welcome to royal Manchester, where sometimes you find spent 22 shells in the golf carts… this is why I will never let things get heated on a golf course


I played Carlise Barracks in a charity outing yesterday.

Having never been there, I didn’t know what to expect but ended up being pleasantly surprised.

The course isn’t anything spectacular, but it was in excellent shape.

There’s a grass driving range, and two practice greens, one just for putting and one that also allows chipping and has a bunker.

I’d definitely go back for a regular round.


Carlisle Barracks was our high school’s home course in the 90’s, and it’s gotten much better since then. They recently took out a bunch of trees which was a huge improvement, and the overall conditioning is way better. Like you said, it’s nothing spectacular, but if given a choice, I’d sooner play at the Barracks than the other courses in the Carlisle area (Mayapple, Rich Valley, Eagles Crossing).

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X-posting from the Electric Phactory in the Philly Area

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